Digital Marketing In Tourism: Understand How It Works

digital marketing in tourism

Want to leverage your tourism business and don’t know how? Understand how digital marketing works in tourism and win more space on the Internet and customers

Digital marketing is an important ally for brand consolidation and attracting potential customers. We live in a connected world, and all companies need to be present on the Internet. With the tourism industry it is no different. 

Whether you are a hotel, destination, operator or travel agency, it is necessary to invest in digital marketing to leverage your business. There are many travelers looking for information about new places to visit. And to be found by them, it is important to know how, what, and where to advertise your product or service. 

But how does digital marketing work in tourism? There are strategies and techniques that help improve the positioning in Google searches. In addition, with the right tactics, it is possible to get more involvement in social networks.

However, specific knowledge is needed to effectively employ digital marketing in tourism. Just as there are many travelers, there are also many companies offering services similar to yours. And you need to stand out.

So, how to use digital marketing in tourism? Here are some tips on how to design the right strategies to make your brand and service known, and attract many customers.

Digital Marketing is Essential for Tourism

digital marketing in tourism
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Digital marketing is no longer an option for tourism companies. It is a mandatory tool for the success of tourism businesses.

It is necessary to be on the internet. According to data from IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), 134 million Brazilians are currently connected. Among them are your future clients.

And, to be found, digital marketing techniques and strategies are fundamental. They include social media, content marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, email marketing, blogs, and Adwords.

Unlike traditional marketing, in which an ad is shown on TV for all viewers or placed in newspapers for anyone to see, in digital media your company will only get the attention of those who are really interested in what you offer. 

In other words, you need to make yourself relevant to attract potential customers. Are you ready?

Online Presence Makes All The Difference For The Tourism Business

What do you need to do to get your company seen in the huge universe of the Internet? First, have a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website with content that is relevant to your services.

Regarding content, a good tourism digital marketing strategy is to produce articles about destinations, lodging, tours, and services.

When researching a question, the traveler may find your blog with the answer to what he needs, and even with the service to serve him. 

It is worth investing in various formats of online dissemination: posts, articles, videos, lives, podcasts, tours, among others. 

Explore social networks as well. But do not make random posts. You need to invest time in a digital marketing strategy to be seen and create engagement with leads, i.e., with contacts who have shown interest in some type of product or service that your company offers.  

How to Set Up a Digital Marketing Plan in Tourism

To put together a digital marketing plan in tourism, you need to answer a few questions:

  • Who is My Customer (persona)? 

Try to define which people you want to reach on the internet. What is the profile of the traveler that can be served by your company? Younger, mature, who prefer budget travel or more luxurious travel? This information is essential to guide the other actions in your digital marketing plan.

  • Which Channels Does He Surf On The Internet?

By defining the persona, you will have an idea of which channels are most appropriate to promote your content and reach them. 

How does he research the service I offer?

Similarly, when profiling your potential customer it is important to investigate where he researches the service you offer. 

  • Where Will I Promote My Brand?

Based on the previous answer, you can define where to promote your brand or service.

  • How Can I Attract The Prospect’s Attention?

For each digital medium there are digital marketing strategies and techniques to attract the potential customer. Therefore, it is important to know them.

  • How Much can I Invest in Digital Marketing?

The budget is an important point of the digital marketing plan in tourism. This is because your actions will depend on how much you can invest.

  • Should I Measure The Results Of The Campaigns?

There is no point in doing digital marketing campaigns without tracking their results. You may think, for example, that dissemination on social networks is more efficient, and when you analyze the metrics, you find that the return from Google is much higher. 

Invest in Professional Digital Marketing

Stay calm. There are companies and professionals specialized in tourism marketing that can contribute a lot to the consolidation of your brand on the web.

This is what Travel Media PR does, a strategic intelligence agency for the travel and tourism industry. Its expertise is in projects to leverage tourism businesses and make them stand out in the market. 

Not for nothing that Travel Media PR owns portals with large volume of hits, which use the main digital marketing techniques and achieve the best search results. 

So if you want to promote your brand and win many customers through digital marketing, it is worth investing in expert help. 

Travel Media PR offers content and advisory solutions, social media management, Inbound Marketing proposals, and SEO campaigns. Besides other digital marketing strategies aimed at tourist destinations, hotels, services and travel agencies. 

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