Link Building for Tourism: Leverage Your Presence on Google With SEO

Link building for tourism

SEO Strategies: understand how to use link building to leverage your presence in Google and thus attract more travelers to your company’s website, increasing your chances of business

Internet presence is fundamental to the success of any tourism business today. But how to make your company appear among so many others that offer the same services as yours? 

This is the great challenge for tourism entrepreneurs, and the key to success in the online environment is to know how to invest in digital marketing. Through it, you can make your company be seen by the traveler who searches for information and services on the Internet.

For this, you use SEO – Search Engine Optimization – techniques and strategies to improve your presence on Google – the main online search platform. Among them is link building, a strategy that helps build your site’s authority in the online environment and, as a consequence, attracts traffic and more business possibilities.

Therefore, it is essential to know how to use link building to leverage your presence in Google and thus attract more travelers to convert them into customers. 

Link Building and SEO for tourism companies

What is Link Building?

In practical terms, link building is an SEO strategy that consists in getting relevant links in other domains that lead to your site. In other words, having other sites refer to yours.

SEO can be divided into two categories: On-Page, when the optimization is done within the site itself, and Off-Page, when it comes from outside, through other sites. Link building falls into the second option. 

For example, you are a hotel that allows guests to bring pets during their stay. When doing a story on the subject, a travel news site quotes your hotel and links to your site. This is link building.

There are a few ways to achieve link building and we will detail each of them below.

How to Use Link Building for Tourism to Boost Your Presence on Google

But how does link building help you improve your presence in Google? The links received from other sources are used by Google to evaluate a site’s reputation and authority. 

It’s as if every link another site makes to yours counts as a vote of confidence in you. The more votes you have, the more authority you have with Google and the better position you will achieve in organic searches.

Therefore, link building is an important SEO strategy. However, it is not so easy to apply. However, to understand how to do it, first it is fundamental to have an idea of how Google analyzes these external links.  

Google considers three factors: quantity, quality, and context. Regarding quantity, to improve the ranking in Google it is necessary that your site has many other domains referring to yours. But this is not enough. It is important that they are diversified. That is, from various sources. 

In addition, they must be links from sites with high authority in Google. There is no point in having hundreds of links if they come from domains with low authority. That’s where the quality of link building comes in to improve its positioning in searches.

There are online tools that help you measure the credibility of the sites that are referencing you. One example is Moz’s Link Explorer, which gives a score for each page or domain. 

Finally, where the link to your site is inserted also counts. Google considers the context of the link building both in relation to the niche of the referring site and the place where it appears.

In other words, a link coming from a clothing sales domain to a travel site will have no relevance to Google. However, when this reference comes from a site that sells airline tickets, it will be well evaluated and will help in ranking.

In addition, links in the footer of pages have less value than those inserted in the text, especially at the beginning.

How to Acquire Authority in Google With Link Building

Now comes the question that won’t shut up: how to acquire authority in Google with link building? In theory, it is easy to understand how link building works, but how to put it into practice to improve your presence in Google?

We will detail below some ways to do link building.

The first one is active prospecting. In other words, you need to go after quality links for your site. Do some research on your niche and list the sites that can be your partners. 

Contact them, present your content, and show them how you can complement their material. This is a job that requires a lot of dedication and patience. You will need to be persistent to get the partners. However, once you get them, you will see the positive results.

Another way to achieve link building is to take advantage of opportunities. How so? You can look for broken links on sites in your niche and contact them to offer content to replace those links with your own. You can find these broken links through extensions such as Check my Link.  

You can also look for sites that have content about a keyword your site has already covered, but do not yet link to it. Contact these sites and offer your content to serve as a reference.

How to Work With Guest Post

There is another way to do link building that deserves special attention: the Guest Post.

According to a SEMrush survey of 850 SEO and digital marketing experts about the most effective link building strategies, the Guest Post was recommended by 53% of them.

So how to work with Guest Post? Simply put, Guest Post consists of exchanging content between sites in the same niche that are not direct competitors, with referral links. 

To understand better, it works as follows: a hotel produces a text about a certain keyword to be published in the blog of a travel agency. In the body of the text, it inserts links to its site. 

The travel agency does the same. It produces content to be published on the hotel’s site with links to its blog. The result: both get link building and, at the same time, help each other in the search for better ranking on Google.

Among the advantages of the Guest Post, besides organic positioning, is the increase in visibility, the number of visits and networking.   

To put it into practice it is necessary to make contact with sites in your niche, check if they accept third-party content and then produce the material and exchange publications and links. 

The Best Way to Use Link Building for Tourism SEO Strategies

As you may have realized, link building is an SEO strategy that requires marketing and market knowledge. 

Moreover, it requires time, dedication, patience, and constant follow-up to get the results. Therefore, the best way to use link building to improve your presence in Google is through a specialized digital marketing agency. 

This is because, in addition to having the necessary knowledge for the use of this type of strategy, it has a team of experts to put into practice all the actions aimed at better positioning your company in Google.

Travel Media PR is an example of a partnership that you can have in this journey. The strategic intelligence agency for the travel and tourism industry works to leverage tourism businesses and make them stand out in the market.
By applying the best SEO strategies, Travel Media PR can achieve the best results in Google searches. Proof of this are the successful projects led by Travel Media PR, such as the website Guia Viajar Melhor, a reference among the publishers of news about tourism in Brazil, with over 15 thousand hits daily.

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