Business Tourism: How to Highlight Your Company in a Tourism Event

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By seeing tourist events as business opportunities, your company broadens its horizons, can win new customers and, consequently, increase its revenues

Tourism is an important sector of the economy and generates employment and income for many people. Official data shows that in 2019, it accounted for 8.1% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which is the sum of all the wealth produced in the country.

In 2020, however, it was one of the hardest hit by the movement restrictions imposed to contain the Covid-19 pandemic. Now, the companies in the sector are looking for ways to recover and regain their place in the market. In this context, it is worth betting on the various areas and services of tourism.

One of them is business and event tourism, which has grown in recent years. Furthermore, for tourism companies, the revival of tourism events is essential to get back in touch with travelers. 

But how to highlight your company at a tourism event? To answer this question, we first need to detail some concepts and practices about business and event tourism. 

What is Business and Event Tourism?

tourism event

First of all, it is necessary to understand what business and event tourism is. The concept of business and event tourism is relatively new. This is because business travelers have only recently come to be considered tourists.

However, despite the late recognition, this segment of tourism has grown increasingly and contributes greatly to the economy of tourist destinations. In addition to increasing the range of business for accommodations, travel agencies, and other tourism service companies.

In short, business and event tourism, as the name suggests, is a segment of tourism related to business travel. In other words, all services provided by tourism companies for business travelers, whether for conferences, fairs, conventions, congresses, workshops, among others. 

Therefore, it is fundamental for tourism businesses to see business and event tourism as an important field of activity.

There are several benefits in attracting business and event tourists. According to Embratur data, this type of traveler usually spends up to three times more than the conventional tourist.

It is also worth highlighting the fact that business and event tourism allows working seasonality. Unlike leisure tourism, which generally occurs in high season, business tourism also occurs in low season. 

Tourism Events as Business Opportunities

Now, speaking more specifically about tourism companies, business tourism can also be developed around tourism events.

Just as with business travel, where people go to destinations motivated by participating in professional activities, tourism events also attract travelers with a common purpose.

In other words, tourism companies should see tourism events as business opportunities. They help to publicize the attractions and tours of tourist destinations, and increase the use of accommodation, transportation, and food services. 

In addition, they are excellent opportunities to attract new audiences, making it possible to increase the area of activity of a tourism company.

The federal government, in fact, maintains an annual calendar of tourist events to publicize and promote these activities. The Events Calendar serves as a basis for tourism companies to plan actions and business.

How to Highlight Your Company at a Tourism Event

So, how to highlight your company at a tourism event? The answer to this question refers to the proper application of tourism marketing, because tourism marketing is the essential tool for the promotion of tourism companies, regardless of the area in which they operate. 

Whether by conventional means, online or in targeted actions, the correct application of marketing strategies is capable of highlighting businesses in any market.

But, after all, what is tourism marketing? In short, it is a type of marketing focused on developing advertising campaigns that meet the interests and needs of travelers.  

However, tourism marketing goes far beyond the mere promotion of promotions and services. It develops strategic planning, offers media solutions, and analyzes results.

Through attraction techniques – or Inbound Marketing – it brings travelers to tourism companies without invasive advertising. 

Therefore, it is fundamental to highlight your company in a tourism event. But to do so, you need to know how to properly apply tourism marketing strategies to win over the target audience of the tourism event.

It is worth noting that by reaching the target audience of the tourism event, you will be attracting new customers to your tourism company. 

How to Use Marketing to Highlight Your Company at a Tourism Event

The first step to highlight your company at a tourism event with marketing strategies is to know your target audience.

Who is interested in the tourism event? In which channels does this traveler seek information about the tourism event? How is it easier to convert them into potential customers?

From this information, it will be possible to draw up a tourism marketing plan to guide your actions on the main online platforms. 

An essential point of any marketing strategy for tourism companies is online presence. Regardless of promoting a service or some specific action, such as a tourism event, you need to be online to be found by the traveler. 

In this sense, use digital channels. Mark your presence on social networks, with publications tailored to each platform. Bet, also, on e-mail marketing as a form of targeted disclosure. 

In addition, strengthen the relationship with the event tourist who comes to your company. This is the best way to create loyalty and make them your customers. 

Bet on Professional Help to Highlight Your Company 

To design the best tourism marketing strategies and highlight your company at a tourism event it is necessary to take the time to plan well. 

It is necessary to analyze the market, define the profile of the tourist who will participate in the event, prepare the promotional material, feed the online platforms, provide virtual support, and monitor the results. 

Good results depend, primarily, on the good application of all these tourism marketing strategies. And they demand a lot of time to be developed effectively.

Therefore, it is worth investing in hiring professional help to highlight your company at a tourism event. With this, you will have a team of experts who know how to use tourism marketing to promote your business.

This is the case of Travel Media PR, an agency specialized in tourism marketing that can bring excellent results for your tourism company. 

With international operations, the strategic intelligence agency for the travel and tourism industry has extensive experience in building loyalty among destinations and companies in the sector. For this, Travel Media PR offers content solutions, SEO campaigns, media management, Inbound Marketing proposals and communication advisory.

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