How to Create Travel Marketing Strategies for My Company?


Understand how tourism companies can promote their destinations and services to tourists with content marketing strategies

How can you use the internet to promote your tourism business? Some alternatives may be more viable today for those who want to have an effective return in tourism marketing projects. One of them is what is known as Content Marketing, a strategy that allows you to promote a brand or company through relevant texts. In this method, the potential customer looks for the information they want in search platforms, such as Google, and finds it in an organic way. The information helps promote the destination or tourist service.

Among the main advantages of using the content marketing strategy are: being able to attract customers without investments in Google Ads, generating value for your customers and achieving long-term results.

It is worth remembering that to achieve the objectives of this strategy in tourism marketing, it takes time and dedication, so it is necessary to plan and execute it with qualified professionals, so that the best optimization practices are in your content.

Flights & Trip: Travel Media to Connect Companies With Tourists

Aiming to ease the broadcast of the tourism segment, Flights & Trip portal, focused on English-speaking travel readers and UK residents, is an ideal tourism marketing platform for those who want to promote destinations and services for tourists in different formats.

The purpose of Flights & Trip is to connect companies with potential tourists, in addition to providing brand expansion on social networks and the Internet in general. The portal develops special projects with customized content and SEO strategies (Search Engine Optimization). Much of this content is also shared by the specialized press.

The platform is an online travel guide and has a network of travelers, who are mainly people who love to travel or are seeking information about places. Flights & Trip works basically on two fronts: the first one creates content to help travelers while they plan a trip. The second is to create strategies to improve communication and promote companies linked to the tourism business on the Internet. All this with communication and digital advertising strategies, where the platform creates a favorable universe to present brands to the final public in a segmented manner.

The content portal has collaborators specialized in tourism marketing, as well as contributions from experienced travelers around the world. The space works as a media support for the tourism projects created by Travel Media PR agency, owner of other successful cases, such as Guia Viajar Melhor, currently one of the main tourism portals in Brazil and others in Europe and South America. The agency is specialized in tourism marketing and in promoting companies in the segment for thousands of travelers.