How to Organize a Press Trip for Your Influence Marketing Strategy?


How to Organize a Press Trip for Your Influence Marketing Strategy?

Understand what press trip is and how this strategy can be applied within influence marketing and gather some tips for a good execution

If you want to promote a destination or a service related to tourism, the press trip may be the strategy you are looking for. In this type of trip, there is an invitation from the destination, agency, hotel, or other services in the area for journalists and influencers to know the place. This practice occurred many years ago on printed media and is gaining strength on the internet, with a high reach and potential of return.


Maybe you have already heard the term “press kit”, this is a compilation of stories about your brand, which aims to approach the press and the spontaneous generation of articles. Although the term is similar and both try to approach and improve the company’s relationship with journalists and influencers, the press trip and press kit are totally different strategies. 

The press trip on influence marketing

Within marketing, there are different strategies to achieve your objectives and one of them is Influence Marketing. In this approach, your actions are planned and executed with people who are influential over the public you want to reach. These people range from digital influencers to leaders of a certain region or city.


In this perspective, the press trip can be considered a tool within Influence Marketing, since its objective is precisely to bring the media, which is influence, closer to the destination/service and generate visibility to the place through the press publications.

Why should you organize press trips?

This kind of trip is already a practice in communication agencies to create and strengthen the bonds between companies, influencers and the press.  The press trip not only bridges these media channels, if it is well planned and executed, but also generates a good return to the destination.


A survey conducted by FullScreen with 1200 people aged 18-34 showed that 42% of this sample has already tried a product/service after being recommended by an influencer, in addition 26% saying they have already made purchases based on the influencer’s recommendation. 


Considering that the ads and articles published on the Internet have a very high reach, the press trip is a great choice to advertise your destination or service.

Where can you start?

To make a press trip, you will need a good plan and the work of your marketing team, because it is a long process and it must be executed perfectly so that the results reach your objectives. Some tips on this process are listed below. 

Define the influencers and journalists

To define the people who will receive your invitation, it is very important that you choose carefully, considering not only the reach of a particular blog, newspaper, influencer, but also some basic questions: what audience does this channel reach? What is its engagement? Is his audience the same one I want to reach? 


At this moment it is always good to keep an open mind and be willing to meet new influencers and media.  

Keep an open negotiation

After defining which guests will be invited to your press trip, it is important that all the following steps are made clear, so that no misunderstandings arise during or after the trip. 


Remember that your objective is to strengthen the ties with these channels, clarify what you will offer and what you expect in return.

Organize the agenda and leave free time

It is common that in this type of trip the host wants to immerse the guests in a series of activities, after all, they want to provide and show everything that the destination has to offer. But it is important to remember to leave some spaces in this program, so that journalists and influencers can observe and get different experiences about their service, because the audience of each of them is also different. 


Besides, the trip can become boring, becoming a bad experience and the publications may not reach their positive promotion expectations.

Agency specialized in organizing press trips

Planning and executing a press trip can be a challenge, so having the help of experienced and skilled professionals can be a good alternative when you don’t have such a large marketing team. 

Travel Media PR is a tourism marketing agency that has been offering communication advisory services for over 10 years. As well as campaigns like the Press Trip for influencers of several countries, working from the research, analysis of the target public until the synergy between the destination and the influencers.

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