Travel Marketing and Communication for Tourist Destinations


Communication strategies, travel marketing, public relations and advice to destinations: see how these services can transform your company’s sales

Having a tourism marketing strategy and a well elaborated communication plan is a decisive factor to broadcast any destination or company in the travel industry. With online communication channels, the prices of promoting your brand become more accessible to small, medium and large tourist destinations.

Becoming more evident, the travel market has stabilized around the world. In 2019, the travel industry gained 10.3% of the world’s GDP, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC). With a large number of tourists traveling frequently, it is easy to see how important announcing your destination to travelers around the world can be.

How Can I Get Online Tourists? Your Opportunity to Sell Trips

Yes, people love to travel abroad, regardless of which country they live in. Tourism contributed £106 billion to the UK economy in 2019.  According to a study conducted by Portal Aviação Brasil, from January to August of that year, a total of 8,239,343 Brazilians travelled to some foreign destination, an increase in 2.55% compared to the same period of last year. It is as if all the people living in Austria made at least one international trip per year.

When we talk about intention, the Internet has revolutionized the new tourist’s behavior. According to a survey conducted by TTRA, influencers are beginning to become small travel operators and help promote services and destinations.

But we should note that there are numerous ways of ensuring effective results and, to do this, having an influence marketing company to support you can optimize your strategies. We, at Travel Media PR agency, have centralized a hub of journalists, bloggers and influencers who create new formats for tourism marketing to assist in selling destinations and travel companies.

According to a survey by IPC marketing, more than 84% of tourists search the Internet for any service or product before buying it. Therefore, the new technologies are perfect allies for any tourism company that wants to attract potential travelers. But how can you attract this public after all?

Content Marketing: Strategies for Tourism Companies

Have you ever heard of content marketing? It is not a direct sales channel, as we are used to, but a way of attracting your potential clients through the information they seek and that is linked to your brand.

In the case of tourism, before any trip, people search Google and other similar platforms looking for travel tips, hotels, curiosities and information about the destination they intend to visit. By understanding what search terms your potential clients are looking for, you can get them to your company, organically and through a pleasant experience, creating relevant content that will help them choose their destination.

The percentage of tourists who go to travel agencies to buy a package without at least researching the destination is very little, almost zero. If your company is not well positioned on Google and other search engines, you will hardly be seen by this considerable portion of the market.

Public Relations Company Specialized in Tourism Marketing

You may be wondering: how, then, can I insert my company into content marketing strategies and have it seen by thousands of travelers and potential customers? To get the best results for this kind of strategy, it is important to work with experienced professionals in tourism marketing.

The communication and travel marketing services offered by Travel Media PR specialists help to plan and develop marketing strategies and special projects, creating campaigns focused on promoting destinations or services. The company has been working in the area for 10 years, and currently has several partner travel blogs, which publish content developed especially to attract your demanded target audience.

Focusing on English-speaking readers and UK residents, the Flights & Trip website is one of these media channels, where it rounds up different tourism tips published by experienced travelers and travel agents. The travel guide, Guia Viajar Melhor, focused on Brazilian travelers, reaches more than 5 million people per year, as they search for accommodations, itineraries and destinations.

In addition to content solutions, relationships with influencers, press trip organization and public relations for the travel market, Travel Media PR also offers social media management for companies in the tourism industry in three languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish), bringing destinations, hotels and travel agencies closer to their consumers in a personalized manner.

The company also offers other services to strengthen the corporate communication of tourism brands, such as communication advisory services, digital marketing strategies, media planning and event support.