Travel Marketing: Google is Your Best Seller


Travel Marketing: Google is Your Best Seller

Fundamental strategies for corporate communication, public relations and tourism marketing

Our corporate communications team has developed a lecture to simplify tourism marketing and influence marketing strategies for tourism and travel companies. Find out how to apply simple basics that will transform your company’s image.

Influence marketing brings new ways to advertise and communicate. The way a tourist plans a trip keeps changing and must be followed by professionals in this market. 

Google has become the largest search platform in the world and the best seller for several products, including travel packages and reservations that help all the services of the Travel and Tourism industry profit even more. With segmented and much more assertive data, the internet has broken all barriers to sell and keep customers, no matter where they are in the world. With digital marketing, communication and sale strategies developed integratedly, these tailor-made solutions change the way companies in the tourism trade think about purchasing processes and loyalty. 

We bring decisive strategies for small and medium companies in the sector to sell more spending less to WTM Latin America, as well as institutional promotion and destination strengthening.  

In the hour-long lecture, we showed cases used in Guia Viajar Melhor, a 7 year old Brazilian travel guide that began to strengthen brand and destination communication, using social networks and Google search trends. The goal is to connect companies with tourists at the moment they are planning a trip, using SEO best practices and attraction marketing concepts. 

With careful analysis, the services offer behavioral maps and the tourists’ whole journey, from the moment he begins to get interested in their destination until they return home, giving you a way to follow the consumer even after they finish their trip. Know the numbers and the backstage of those who make corporate communication and strategies for the travel segment. 

Main Topics

  • How Google Travel searches work
  • Influence: find the right audience through content
  • Reach your tourist before and during the trip
  • Traveler Profile: Social Networks vs. Google
  • Cases: Airbnb, Guide in Turkey and Chile 
  • Tourism marketing strategies for brands

How Google Travel searches work

We show a Google study showing the travel segments’ strengths within the platform. With Google Analytics reports and trend analysis, we proved how effective they can be for those seeking new clients and markets.  

Influence: find the right audience through content

Create an analysis about your target audience, buying moment and understand your consumer’s mind before creating new marketing strategies. Producing customized content requires research, but it creates new communication and sales channels for your company.

Reach your tourist before and during the trip

Web presence, social networks and responsive websites are essential to reach your customer anywhere and anytime. While the use of mobile devices has increased, it is important to plan their content so they become optimized regardless of the platform you choose. 

Through these communication facilities, it is now possible – with the tools and applied tourism marketing knowledge – that brands can reach new customers at all stages of the journey.

Traveler Profile: Social Networks vs. Google

Social networks have become one of the biggest showcases for the travel market. At the same time, influencers massify the communication of destinations guaranteeing new discoveries for tourists. But when it comes to planning a trip with more details, booking a hotel or service, this consumer makes their choice based on the searches and evaluations found on Google. Therefore, being present among the search engine’s first pages is ideal to reach the right people at the right time.

Viaje Melhor Case: Airbnb, Guide to Turkey and Chile

We show cases of tourism marketing directed to travel agencies, tourist destinations and service companies. Find out what are the strategies for corporate communication, how we create segmented content and attract marketing concepts.

Tourism marketing strategies for brands

We have listed some of the best tools to develop relevant communication strategies. See what are your product’s or destination’s search trends using Google’s own platforms, the site offers several free resources that can help you in this task.

Behind the scenes

Do you want to know more about the tourist marketing agency behind cases like the Brazilian Guia Viajar Melhor? Meet Travel Media PR and our services.