Public Relations and Digital Marketing for Travel Companies


Learn how to use tools and strategies for potential customers to find your tourism business

The tourism industry is one of the most challenging when we think of digital marketing strategies, since selling an experience is not like selling a product. In this scenario, the new technologies are perfect allies for corporate communication, making them an excellent relationship, presentation and direct sales channel for your brand.

However, it is necessary to have a well defined strategy as well as evaluating tourists’ needs and wishes. On the Internet, if you are dedicated to your task, even small brands can guarantee the same spaces of the big companies. This is a way to level out small and big companies in a more equal way.

With a strategic and efficient digital marketing plan, we can guarantee good results using the tools allowed by new media, helping potential customers discover your business.

Digital Marketing for Tourism Industry and Travel Companies

Marketing, besides being an important area for any business’ lifespan, is a department that every company of every sector should dedicate itself to. Why should you have a complete structure if the final customer can never find your company?

For the tourism and travel segment, the importance of marketing is no different. Despite the typical characteristics and opportunities of this sector, investing in digital platforms fit perfectly into the reality of travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, exchange agencies, amusement parks, destinations and so many other services in the travel industry.

A survey published by RBBV (Rede Brasileira de Blogueiros de Viagem) shows that more than 90% of tourists seek information about services and destinations before going on a trip. Some of them still research during the trip. When you are on vacation, where do you usually look for information about your trip? Most likely on Google! And be sure, your customer does the same, too.

The percentage of tourists who go to a travel agency to buy a package without at least searching for the destination is little, almost zero. If your company is not effectively positioned on Google and other search engines, you will hardly be seen by this considerable share of the market.

More and more, people are using the internet for practically everything and what those who work with digital marketing for tourism and travel segment is this: to make your company appear to tourists who seek information about your destination or service, enabling your client to find and want your brand among so many competitors. As well as other important areas of a company, marketing needs to be taken care of by a specialist, otherwise you will hardly notice a return.

Public Relations and Tourism Marketing Agency in Europe and South America

Travel Media PR agency, in partnership with a network of travel websites, offers strategies and special projects, developing tourism marketing campaigns worldwide. The company also offers other services to strengthen the corporate communication of tourism companies, such as communication advisory, digital marketing strategies, media planning and event support.

It also develops custom content, videos and aerial images produced by drones, social network management, blog creation, portals and corporate magazines, as well as other campaigns and promotional actions that are exclusive to the travel segment.

Through these strategies, some of the tourism marketing agency’s actions have reached more than 5 million unique readers interested in travel during the last year. This is developed, among other tools, through the production of customized content and published in one of its partner portals. Flights & Trip portal, for example, aims to promote content that connects travellers to brands, focused on readers in the UK or English-speaking countries.