Tourism Marketing for The Future of Post-Pandemic Travel

tourism marketing

Tourism marketing: discover digital marketing strategies that can minimize the damage caused to the business by the pandemic

It is no longer news that we are all going through a delicate moment on a global scale. However, we know that no crisis is eternal, so first of all, we need to use tools to prepare ourselves for the coming months in the travel and tourism business. 

Destinations, hotels, airlines and travel agents are looking for solutions to reduce the damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. This period demands attention and intelligent actions for the sector’s resumption.  

Informing consumers, guiding them in a relevant way and creating solid relationship channels between companies and tourists are good strategies. Moreover, strengthening companies’ brands in the industry is extremely important to avoid other difficult moments like these. 

How to Anticipate a Crisis

tourism marketing

At this very moment there are countless consumers in doubt and worried. Many of them were scheduled to travel to their destination or were planning a trip. These tourists are looking for tips and information on how to proceed. Therefore, the first step is to anticipate to help and to keep this audience, guaranteeing future sales. 

Travel Media PR, a specialized travel marketing agency, has developed digital marketing strategies that can minimize the damage caused in the business. Together with its team of specialists, the company has created crisis management campaigns for its partners and tourist destinations. 

Tourism Marketing and Crisis Management Strategies for Post-Pandemic Trips

The current scenario requires viable strategies to reduce the damage in the short and medium term. In this sense, the experts in tourism marketing from Flights & Trip, a travel portal that is among the projects developed by Travel Media PR, have separated 10 practices that can make a difference in a moment of recovery. See what are the practices that can be adopted by companies in the sector, regardless of operational size.

Clarify your rebook policy

Avoid leaving your consumer in doubt. Clarify and facilitate your company’s rescheduling policies, showing which are the advantages for those who wish to guarantee their trip. 

Efficient service

In a global downtime scenario, offering efficient service can be a great advantage. Maintaining close relationships with consumers is extremely necessary to build customer loyalty by offering different contact channels such as WhatsApp, email and alternative phone numbers.

Make travel deadlines more flexible

Everybody was caught by surprise, including consumers. To avoid a mass cancellation, be flexible on your rescheduling terms. Some travelers only have a few available months a year and this can lead to breaches in your contract.

Multiplatform presence 

Take advantage of the moment to keep posting on social networks, keeping your company’s image in the consumer’s mind. Be a solution for tourists who want to know your service or ask questions about the situation in your destination.

Make yourself different from the competition

Offering free services such as travelers’ advice, informative content and helping tourists who are looking for up-to-date information about their destination may be a determining factor for the coming months. Be the opinion maker of your market and the most effective communication channel for your consumer.

Internal organization

Use the low movement to organize internal demands that were pending and that were not priorities.  Restructuring business plan, tariffs or your product catalog can be excellent options to be productive in moments of paralysis.

Update yourself and take online courses

Don’t be idle, it may harm your creativity. Take advantage of this time to update yourself, train your team, improve internal processes and take online courses on leadership, hotel management, marketing, communication and other fundamental topics for your company. After all, keeping yourself updated is very important and helps you to stay ahead of your competitors. 

Study travel media, tourism marketing and communication plans

Avoid wasting time in moments of low productivity. Study, analyse your company and your market. Keep in mind that all crises are temporary and try to stay positive. Whoever is better structured, with well defined strategic plans, will be able to guarantee a quick recovery after the crisis.

Make business partnerships

Look for references, restructure old projects and make business partnerships to unite forces with other professionals in related areas. Together, you are more likely to join skills and services for a good recovery. Stay ahead of the competition. 

Identify opportunities

Moments of crisis can be a means of creating new ideas and increasing your productivity in other areas. Use this moment to exercise your creativity and find new opportunities, try to see the prospects for the future and for the moment of recovery in tourism.

Agency Specialized in Tourism Marketing

The objective of Travel Media PR is to create communication and marketing solutions to connect companies with people who are planning a trip, as well as providing brand exposure at tourism events, social networks, Google searches using the best SEO techniques, the Internet and the press in general. 

The agency promotes personalized content partnered with destinations and companies in the tourism and travel industry, such as Flights & Trip, a travel guide in English and Guia Viajar Melhor, one of the most important tourism websites in Brazil and Portugal, informing thousands of travelers daily.

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