How Digital Influencers and Travel Blogs Can Promote Your Tourism Enterprise

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Understand why promoting your brand through digital influencers and travel blogs is a great marketing strategy to leverage your tourism business

Increasingly popular, digital influencers and travel blogs have become excellent channels for promoting products and services in tourism. 

Currently, 52% of Brazilian Internet users follow a digital influencer, according to a study by Kantar Ibope. 

They are great communicators with specific niches, create identity with their followers, and consequently exert great influence on the behavior and choices of their audience. In addition, they have a low cost when compared to other tourism marketing strategies. For these and other reasons, they have become a digital marketing tool for tourism businesses.

A recent report by FleishmanHillard projected that by 2021, influencer marketing budgets will increase precisely because the public is more cautious about whom to trust. In this scenario, digital influencers gain more relevance because they are trusted by the niche in which they operate. 

But how can digital influencers and travel blogs promote your tourism enterprise? 

It is necessary to have a good marketing strategy to do this kind of campaign. Collaboration is also very important for a successful partnership with content creators. It is also fundamental to know how to choose digital influencers and travel blogs to promote your business.

Why Promote Your Brand Through Digital Influencers and Travel Blogs

digital influencer

Digital influencers have a captive audience. They speak to specific niches and their followers share the same preferences. They also create an identity by having similar lifestyles.

Therefore, the weight of a recommendation about a certain service or product is much greater for this audience when it comes from their digital influencer.

In tourism, it is no different. The traveler doesn’t want just another tour. When he dreams of a trip, he seeks an unforgettable experience. 

To feel secure about the place they are going to visit and the services they will use, this traveler does a deep research.

The travel dream of most travelers begins on the Internet, especially on social media. According to the Digital in 2019 survey, conducted by the companies We are Social and Hootsuite, 66% of Brazilians are active on social networks. Of these, 89% said they use these platforms for business. 

In these surveys, reviews from customers who have already used the services count. But if the digital influencer he follows, for example, has already stayed in the place he is researching and makes a good recommendation, the traveler will feel much more secure in closing the deal.  

The same happens with travel blogs. The people who follow these professional travelers give a lot of importance to their reviews and recommendations about places and services.

The promotion of your tourism enterprise by digital influencers and travel blogs goes beyond traditional advertisements. This is because they share experiences and tell stories, thus getting closer to the public.

This is a great differential of choosing them to promote your brand. In addition, because they know their niche well, digital influencers and travel blogs know how to use the right language to convince the public to use the service they recommend.

Another advantage of having a well-defined audience is the possibility of working with segmented campaigns to promote your tourism enterprise.

How to Promote Yourself Through Digital Influencers and Travel Blogs

Now that you know the advantages of promoting your tourism enterprise through digital influencers and travel blogs, it is important to know how to do it.

As in any marketing action, promotion through digital influencers and travel blogs requires planning and well-established goals. 

However, with one particularity. The goals must be aligned and the influencer must feel comfortable with the established campaign.

Follow these steps to be more successful in your partnership with travel blogs and digital influencers:

  • Have well-defined goals: before hiring a digital influencer, you should outline all the goals of the campaign to promote your tourism enterprise. How many hits you want to get, how the interaction with the public has to be and how much conversion you expect, among other points. 
  • Choose the right digital influencer or travel blog: as we said, the digital influencer must feel comfortable with the promotion of your business. By defining the campaign objectives, it is easier to choose the ideal travel blog or digital influencer. 
  • Number of followers is not the main factor: pay attention to the engagement rate and demographics of the digital influencer’s audience. There’s no point in having a lot of followers if you don’t interact with them. Sometimes working with a regional influencer yields more results than choosing a famous one.
  • Work together with the digital influencer: they know their audience very well, so they know how to convince them. Take their opinions into account when defining the campaign’s direction, and listen to what they have to say. By doing so, you will have a better chance of achieving the expected results.
  • Maintain a relationship with digital influencers and travel blogs: beyond hiring for a specific campaign, maintain the relationship with content creators. This can help you to have, even, spontaneous dissemination, since they are always looking for experiences to share.  
  • Follow up on the results: keep an eye on the return of the promotion through influencers and travel blogs. Ask them to provide you with data about the target audience, reach, interaction, among others. 

How to Choose Digital Influencers and Travel Blogs to Promote Your Business

As with any tourism marketing strategy, you need to dedicate time to get a good return from this type of outreach. 

You need to do the planning and know how to choose digital influencers and travel blogs to promote your business. 

There are many people doing this kind of work in social networks, but not all of them are trained professionals to meet the objectives of a good marketing campaign.

In other words, you need to be careful not to make the wrong investment. Or worse, link your brand to a person with a dubious reputation that can harm your business.

How to do this? The best way is to count on a company specialized in tourism marketing to help you, such as Travel Media PR. The international strategic intelligence agency for the travel and tourism industry works with media, marketing, and public relations solutions.

With a team specialized in tourism marketing, it offers communication projects that can help you not only in the choice of influencers and travel blogs, but in the entire tourism marketing of your business.  

Travel Media PR leads a series of projects aimed at leveraging tourism enterprises and making them stand out in the market. Therefore, it is essential to count on its help to promote your business.

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