10 Digital Marketing Ideas To Pump Up Your Travel Agency

digital marketing ideas

Do you want to get more customers, but don’t know how to make your agency known to the public? Check out our 10 digital marketing ideas for travel agency

Being on the internet is essential for the success of any business these days, and with travel agencies it’s no different. But how to be seen on the web? The answer is simple: invest in digital marketing.

There are many people talking about travel on the Internet, just as there are many travelers looking for destinations and amazing experiences. To stand out, you need to know digital marketing techniques and develop strategies to promote your travel agency.

Below, we will list 10 digital marketing ideas to pump up your travel agency on the internet. Read our tips carefully and learn what is the best way to promote your services and win new customers.

Digital Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Travel Agency

digital marketing ideas
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The time is right to define online strategies, since more and more potential customers are using this resource to seek information, services and packages. But what is the best way to pump your agency? Check out some marketing ideas that can boost your sales!

1- Invest in Optimizing Your Site For SEO 

It is not enough just to create a website. The internet is a huge territory, and to be found you need to use the right techniques. That’s why investing in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great idea to boost your travel agency on the Internet.

But what is SEO? It is nothing more than a set of techniques that make online content friendly to Google and, as a consequence, improve the ranking in the results of searches made by potential customers. 

By optimizing your site to appear in the top Google search positions, you will get more traffic, make your brand better known and, consequently, have more customers.

But it is not so simple to apply these techniques. It is essential to have expert help.  Therefore, we recommend that you invest in this idea. 

The strategic intelligence agency for the travel and tourism industry, Travel Media PR, offers SEO campaigns, among other tourism marketing solutions, that can leverage your travel agency. 

Proof of this are the large portals that are among Travel Media PR’s projects and that maintain a large volume of hits, such as the Guia Viajar Melhor website, which has more than 15 thousand hits daily.  

2 – A Blog is an Excellent Digital Marketing Channel For Travel Agencies

It is a fact that spreading information about destinations and travel through a blog is the best way to get organic traffic on Google. What does this mean? It means that the traveler comes to you when looking for travel tips and not, strictly speaking, for packages or bookings. 

For example, make a post “The best places to visit in Florianopolis” and get interested in traveling there. A good content, with relevant information and the appropriate SEO techniques, gets great positions in Google. In addition, in the text you can put calls to services that your travel agency offers and thus convert visitors into customers. 

Also in this aspect, Travel Media PR shows excellent results in digital marketing through SEO. For example, the article “100 destinations to visit in Brazil”, from the website Better Travel Guide, is in the first search positions when searching for “places in Brazil” or “destinations in Brazil”.

3 – Place Yourself In The Right Way on Social Networks

You must have a presence on social networks. This is a basic digital marketing tip for travel agencies. But, just like in the online universe, you need to know how to put yourself out there to appear and win customers.

Your travel agency can’t be just another one. Seek engagement from your followers and potential customers. Create social media-specific digital marketing campaigns. Talk to travelers like a traveler. Identification is a great way to captivate the customer. 

Give tips on tours, talk about the destinations and the cultures of each one. Content related to lifestyle and wellness create a lot of interaction on Facebook and especially on Instagram. Bet on them.

Promote promotions, partnerships with local services and show the differential service of your travel agency.

4 – Show Your Personalized Service In Digital Marketing

Another idea to boost your travel agency is to demonstrate the personalized service in digital marketing campaigns, show the traveler that you are not just another travel agency and that he is not just another customer. 

Keep close and personal contact with the traveler, even through digital media. Whether through a quiz, email marketing, online or face-to-face service. 

Be considerate, offer solutions, and try to understand the traveler’s needs. Make sure you provide personalized options. There is no better way to convey security and credibility, besides building customer loyalty.

5 – Design Your Online Store To Make The Traveler’s Life Easier

With the customer in mind, adapt the design of your travel agency’s online store to make the traveler’s life easier. Those who search for destinations on the Internet need all the relevant information to close a package or service with a travel agency. 

But this information has to be offered in a clear and accessible way. If your potential customer has difficulties accessing your online store, he will go to other sites and will not hire your service.

Similarly, if they do not find options for customization of packages and payment methods, they may not close with your travel agency.

Therefore, it is the job of your travel agency’s digital marketing to think about the online store to make the traveler’s life easier. 

6 – Innovate in E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a great channel to bring the travel agency closer to the customer. Through it you can disseminate promotions, packages, and customization options.

In addition, you can innovate and offer relevant content about destinations and travel tips through email marketing as well. 

Use it also to highlight your offline campaigns, such as partnerships and loyalty programs. But beware: do not buy email lists. Send material only to those who asked for it. 

7 – Highlight Your Customers’ Experiences In Digital Marketing

A great digital marketing idea to showcase your travel agency’s good service is to highlight the good reviews of those who have traveled with you.

Maintain a relationship with your customers and ask them to rate your service. Either through comments on social networks or testimonials on the website. 

People who find your travel agency on Google will feel more confident in hiring you if they see positive reviews from previous clients.

8 – Improve Your Traveler’s Experience

How about improving the experience of your travelers? Include traveler bonuses in your marketing plan. It can be a gift offered in partnership with the hotel, a discount in one of the local attractions, or even a courtesy.

Add value to the service offered and get more positive reviews for your travel agency. Then use them for digital marketing. What do you think of the idea?

9 – Use Google’s Digital Marketing Features

Google has some digital marketing tools that can help pump up your travel agency. It is a good idea to use Google Ads, Google’s ad platform. There you can create campaigns for the main digital channels and manage them.

Another possibility is to use remarketing or retargeting, which reminds the user about previous searches. In other words, someone who has researched international travel, when accessing the Internet receives ads about destinations in other countries, promotions, etc.

In these cases, however, to get the best results it is essential to hire professionals who master the right techniques. Travel Media PR is an agency specialized in tourism marketing strategies and can help you with the management of these tools.

10 – Be Prepared To Answer Your Site Visitors’ Questions

Finally, there is no point in following all the ideas of digital marketing for travel agency and leave the visitor of your site without an answer. 

Every Internet advertising channel must have a way to communicate with the customer, whether on the website, on social networks, or in the online store. 

In addition to the information disclosed, you need to be prepared to answer any questions that he still has. Offer telephone service or via Whatsapp and respond to requests by email.

If you can not meet all the demand, it is worth investing in chatbots – online conversation robots. With automatic answers to objective questions, they can speed up the service to the potential customer. In addition, they can direct the traveler to the most appropriate communication channel. 

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