Tourism Sites Help Promote The Best Trips Around The World

tourism marketing tips

Travel sites connect travelers to brands that offer travel services and destinations that are willing to promote their attractions

Internet users from all over the world search for travel tips on the internet all the time. They use several diverse formats: texts, articles, images, ready-made routes, videos, social network posts and much more. 

According to Google, about 625 thousand searches about travel are made every hour about, according to a survey made by the platform itself. Entrepreneurs and marketing professionals already know this: the Internet came to revolutionize all of the market’s sectors and the impact in the travel industry is no different.

Currently, travel sites are great allies for destinations, helping tourists who search for tips and information about travel around the world. Communication vehicles and web pages directed to the general public bring tips and centralize different options of tours and places to visit around the globe. 

Guia Viajar Melhor, a Brazilian travel guide, for example, shows readers which are the 100 best trips in Brazil and other itineraries, including some cities with more tourist potential. The website receives more than 10 million page views per year and is one of the biggest tourism promoters for the final consumer.  

Flights & Trip website, directed to English-speaking readers, aims to inspire travelers to discover incredible places around the world. A network of travel writers who are passionate about sharing experiences develops the portal’s content, showing that travel can be simpler than you think. Lists like “The 55 most beautiful destinations in the world” and “70 places to visit in South America” motivate travelers to explore new destinations. 

The Importance of Tourism Websites in Tourism Marketing Strategy

tourism marketing tips

Communication channels, such as websites and blogs, reinforce consumers’ approach to destinations and tourism services, helping several consumers find companies and services related to the travel industry while conducting Google searches about their next destination. A good strategy combined with good content guarantees the exposure of a brand to thousands of tourists at the moment they most need this information.

Within this dynamic, aligning a communication strategy with influencers and travel blogs can be an alternative to promoting your destination or enterprise. But how can you use them as a tourism marketing strategy?

Both Guia Viajar Melhor and Flights & Trip started creating corporate content and personalized tourism marketing projects to promote and broadcast brands within the site, connecting travelers to brands that offer travel services and to destinations that want to broadcast their attractions.

Tourism Marketing Tips: Why Should You Invest in Content Marketing and Travel Blogs? 

Imagine that thousands of readers who consume the daily content published by travel websites can also find your business. Investing in content for these channels allows the volume of searches using keywords directed to your niche to help potential customers find your company. 

Travel Media PR is an agency specialized in tourism marketing, leading a series of projects aimed at leveraging businesses in the travel sector to help them stand out in the market. The brand owns portals with large access volume, focused on SEO strategies, which allows them to achieve the best search results.

Through content marketing strategies and text optimization, aligned with the best SEO practices, readers can increasingly find information about destinations and travel services, attractions, points of interest, airline tickets on sale, hotel referrals, travel agencies and news about tourism and the travel market. This way, the channel brings tourists closer to destinations, hotels and travel agencies.

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