Travel Blogs And Tourism Marketing Strategies

Travel Marketing Strategies

Travel marketing strategies: influencers and travel blogs have become a tool to reinforce the image of tourism destinations and services

Every hour, Internet users worldwide perform 625,000 searches on Google about travel, according to a survey of the platform itself. It is not news that the Internet has changed the way travelers access information: while social media act as a kind of showcase to disseminate and inform the public about different experiences, blogs and travel websites offer relevant and more in-depth content about each region, making an effective seller of your destination or service.

These channels reinforce the closeness of consumers to tourism destinations and services, with many consumers discovering companies and services related to the travel industry through these publications while searching on Google and planning a trip. A good strategy combined with good content ensures that a brand is exposed to thousands of tourists at the right time, creating the right lead for your company. 

Travel Blogs and Tourism Marketing

Travel Marketing Strategies
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The Guia Viajar Melhor, a Brazilian tourism website that we at marketing agency Travel Media PR manage, is a practical example of how this dynamic works. To get an idea, 75.4% of the accesses to are made by people while planning a trip. The site’s organic access, through segmented and strategic publications, leads travelers to find a world of opportunities right on the first pages of Google. In the last year, more than 5 million unique readers have accessed Viajar Melhor while planning a trip.

Hundreds of articles published in this travel guide are among the first positions in searches when tourists search for targeted terms. The practice of creating strategic analysis and defining the best keywords, along with concepts of attraction and influence marketing, when well employed, consolidate the services and image of brands that want to reach customers who are planning their next trip. An extremely favorable universe to expose companies and tourist destinations to a segmented customer profile.

Travel marketing strategies: Content marketing and success stories in tourism

Following the same dynamic, the Flights & Trip portal, created by the same group as the Guia Viajar Melhor, also aims to promote content that connects travelers with brands that offer travel services and destinations that want to promote their attractions. However, in this case, the content is targeted at readers in the UK, North America and other English-speakers. 

The focus is on getting travelers to find the services and destinations they are looking for through relevant content and customized tourism marketing projects. In this way, it is possible to connect travelers with brands that offer travel services to destinations that want to advertise their attractions. 

About Flights & Trip

Focused on English speakers, Flights & Trip is a tourism website that inspires and helps travelers discover amazing places around the world. A network of travel writers passionate about sharing experiences develops the content published on the portal, showing that traveling can be simpler than you think.

Through content marketing strategies and text optimization aligned with the best SEO practices, readers can increasingly find information about destinations and travel services, attractions, tourist spots, airline tickets on sale, indication of hotels, travel agencies and news about the tourism and travel market. In this way, the channel brings tourists closer to destinations, hotels, and travel agencies. 

This is the best way to bring your brand to the public of your interest, through assertive communication, made at the exact moment of purchase or while the tourist is still planning the trip. 

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