How an Agency Specialized in Travel Marketing Can Make Your Business Take Off

agency specialized in tourism

Understand the advantages of hiring a agency specialized in tourism to leverage your business and recover the losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic

The year 2020 was considered by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) to be the worst in the history of the industry worldwide. International travel fell 72% in the first 10 months of the year.

In Brazil, it was no different. From March to December last year, Brazilian tourism accumulated losses of more than R$ 261 billion, according to a survey conducted by the National Confederation of Goods Trade, Services and Tourism (CNC).

Indeed, it was not an easy year for tourism companies, which had to reinvent themselves to overcome operating restrictions, lack of customers and many losses. 

And the challenges are not over yet. With the resumption of activities, destinations, hotels, travel agencies, and tourism service companies, besides adapting to the new reality, have to find ways to advertise themselves to attract travelers again.

More than ever, tourism marketing is an essential tool to leverage tourism companies in the market. Through online positioning and brand consolidation strategies, tourism marketing can help win back tourists and recover financially.

In this context, it is important to know how a specialized tourism marketing agency can make your business take off. 

What is The Importance of Tourism Marketing

agency specialized in tourism
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First, however, it is necessary to understand the importance of tourism marketing in the strategic planning of a travel company.

Every trip, nowadays, starts on the Internet. The first instinct of every person who wants to travel is to search for information on Google and social networks about destinations.

Therefore, to sell any tourist service it is necessary to be on the internet. Whether it is a hotel, a tourist destination, a travel agency, a restaurant, or an airline, your company has to have an online presence to reach the traveler.

However, being seen on the Internet is not that simple. 

Just as there are many tourists looking for destinations and tourist services, there are many companies offering the same as yours.

But how to stand out among so many? The way is to invest in tourism marketing. This is because it allies the best marketing practices to tourism concepts in order to adequately position companies before their target audience: the travelers.

Marketing planning is not restricted to the mere promotion of tourism services. 

Rather, it studies the target audience – or persona – to understand their needs and desires and then outline strategies that involve content marketing, inbound marketing, social media management, customer relations, and metrics analysis.

It is complex work, but with great financial return. By attracting the traveler to your site, blog, or social network with informative and captivating content, tourism marketing increases your chances of finalizing sales. Consequently, it generates more revenue.

How a Tourism Marketing Agency Can Make Your Business Take Off

Back to the main question: how can a tourism marketing agency make your business take off? Is it worth the investment in professional tourism marketing?

Yes, it is very worthwhile. This is because the specialized agency holds all the expertise to put into practice the best tourism marketing strategies to highlight your tourism company.

To begin with, the agency is formed by professionals from the various marketing areas, which means more technical knowledge and experience to plan the actions to promote your business.

Usually, the teams are composed of marketing analysts, content producers, designers, web developers, social media, communication advisors, among others.

Therefore, each tourism marketing strategy for your tourism company will be thought out and executed by specialists. That is, with more potential to leverage your business. 

In addition, agencies specializing in tourism marketing have access to the main tools for executing and monitoring online dissemination actions. 

The use of appropriate tools enhances the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, just as monitoring is essential for the success of the strategy as a whole.

By hiring an agency specializing in tourism marketing, therefore, your company will have highly trained professionals and the best tools to position your business and reach many customers.

This is what Travel Media PR does, for example, an agency specialized in tourism marketing and communication advisory services. 

With global operations, Travel Media PR maintains a series of projects and its own brands aimed at strengthening the strategies of destinations, as well as serving as support in campaigns.

In addition, it offers social media management, Inbound Marketing proposals, and SEO – Search Engine Optimization – campaigns, all to adequately position tourism companies before potential customers. 

Advantages of Hiring an Agency Specialized in Tourism Marketing

Besides all the expertise and tools to promote your tourism company, hiring an agency specialized in tourism marketing brings other advantages.

Among them, the certainty of reaping the rewards from the advertising campaigns in the different platforms. As we have already mentioned, the fact that specialists act in the planning and execution of your business’ tourism marketing strategies is already a guarantee of good results.

But beyond that, it is the tourism marketing agency’s job to monitor the progress of each action and, if necessary, reformulate strategies to ensure success. 

In other words, the marketing specialists will work continuously for the success of your tourism company. Another advantage is that you will be able to follow everything through reports that will be provided periodically by the tourism marketing agency. 

The results will be measured and presented. Remember: the tourism marketing agency’s success depends on yours, so the professionals will chase the results. 

Finally, you will not have to worry about spreading the word on social networks, websites, and communication channels. The tourism marketing agency will take care of everything for you.

In addition, you will have more time to dedicate to providing tourism services and customer service to the clients that come to your company through marketing actions.

What are you waiting for to get in touch and know, in fact, how a specialized tourism marketing agency can help you?

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