Travel Marketing Agency to Create and Manage Press Trip

Travel Marketing Agency - Press Trip Solutions

Learn how to use this type of marketing action to promote your business and understand how to hire a travel marketing agency to create and manage press trip

Are you launching a new tourism development and want to boost its publicity? Or have you improved your hotel’s facilities and need travelers to know about it in order to stay there? 

What is the best way to publicize this type of action to make an impact and generate new sales for your tourism company? There are many tourism marketing tools to promote destinations and tourism enterprises. 

However, there is one in particular that has great potential to generate spontaneous and impactful media: the press trip. This tourism marketing strategy works on sensations and experiences, so it can generate more engagement from the target audience and, consequently, can generate many results.

But if you do not know what a press trip is, let us explain a little more about this type of marketing action. Understand what you need to create a press trip, how to manage it, and what are the results of a press trip for your tourism enterprise. Let’s go?

What is a Press Trip?

Travel Marketing Agency - Press Trip Solutions

A press trip is nothing more than a trip for journalists. It is a tool widely used to strengthen relationships with media outlets, blogs, and influencers, and to launch a new venture, action, or product. 

The press trip is a tourism marketing action that guarantees space in the media through the reports of the experiences lived by the invited journalists. 

It consists in providing experiences to generate spontaneous content that usually causes great impact, precisely because of its authenticity. The journalist, blogger, or influencer publicizes the destination, hotel, inn, or attraction based on what he or she has lived and felt, and not on what he or she has heard or read in a press release. 

Therefore, the content is much richer and more attractive, generating results in the consolidation of the company or brand that promoted the press trip.

What You Need to Create a Press Trip

So, what do you need to create a press trip? To organize a press trip, it is necessary to apply the three pillars of any tourism marketing action: planning, content, and relationship.

What does this mean? First of all, you need good planning. The objectives you want to achieve with the press trip must be very clear, and you must also know which journalists will participate, how to get them, and what they will report.

The budget available for the press trip is also an essential factor to be able to put the action into practice. How much can the tourism enterprise spend to receive the journalists and provide experiences to generate content? How many journalists will be invited? Which places or attractions will they visit?

At this point, good logistics will make all the difference in the journalists’ perception of the place and of your company. Define how they will arrive, how they will get to the attractions, how they will get to know the destination and, of course, how they will leave. 

Every detail counts for the success of a press trip, since we are talking about generating content through experiences. That’s why a planning mistake can compromise the action’s result, and worse, generate negative publicity, the opposite of what you want.

And the content: what do you want to highlight in the travel media through this press trip? The content generated by journalists, to have the desired effect on the public, must be authentic and spontaneous. However, when inviting them, you can make it clear what the purpose of the press trip is. That is, if it is to promote a new hotel, a new attraction at the destination, an improvement in the inn’s facilities, etc.

Finally, the script is an essential part for the success of the action. You have to create a schedule of what the journalists will do, what they will see, and how much time they will have for each activity. 

Also consider that they will need time to record everything they see, be it in written content, photographs, or videos. In addition, it is important to leave some free periods so that they can choose what to do and thus generate more authentic and spontaneous content.

Finally, putting all this into practice requires experience and a dedicated team to ensure that everything goes according to plan. As we said, every detail will count on the experience of communication professionals and, of course, on the result of your action.

The press trip is an important promotional tool for your tourism company, but if not done properly it can compromise your image in the market. In other words, it is essential to know how to manage a press trip.

Travel Marketing Agency: We Can to Create and Manage Press Trip

Therefore, it is essential to have the help of a specialized press trip team to help you succeed with this type of action.

There is a tourism marketing agency to create and manage press trips, and more, to help you leverage your business with the best outreach strategies.

By hiring a tourism marketing agency to create and manage press trips, you won’t need to worry about any of the stages of the promotion process and you can focus on serving journalists on the spot.

This way, you can provide services with excellence and contribute even more to the success of the action.

The tourism marketing agency is responsible for all the planning, for presenting you all the details of the action, for getting the journalists, for organizing their visit to your tourism enterprise, and, finally, for following up the results in the media.

It is important to hire an agency specialized in tourism marketing that, besides understanding the industry, has a good relationship with the media, travel blogs, and digital influencers.

Knowing who and how to call for your press trip is essential to reap good results. For example, it makes no sense to call a journalist who specializes in economics to get to know an inn geared towards tourists traveling with pets. 

Always look for an agency specialized in tourism marketing, with a great networking and close relationship with the tourism media, such as Travel Media PR.

With global reach, the agency specializes in tourism marketing and offers the best media solutions to build loyalty among tourist destinations, hotels, services, and travel agencies.

In addition, Travel Media PR leads a series of projects aimed at leveraging tourism companies and making them stand out in the market. To this end, it manages social media, works with Inbound Marketing, conducts SEO campaigns, and brings other solutions to the sector

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