10 Foolproof Marketing Strategies To Apply In Your Tourism Business Today

Marketing Strategies Tourism

Marketing Strategies To Apply: not sure how to attract travelers to your tourism business? Check out our digital marketing tips for tourism businesses and get more customers

Marketing is a fundamental tool in the growth process of any tourism business. There is no point in providing a good service and not promoting it. Without publicity, your company is restricted to a small audience and it is much more difficult to get new customers.

Therefore, to achieve success, it is necessary to combine excellent service provision with the best marketing strategies for tourism businesses.

But what does marketing actually do?

Let’s go back a bit to the definition of marketing. In short, marketing is the art of exploring, creating, and delivering value to meet the needs of the market. In other words, more than mere advertising, it uses techniques to understand what the target audience of a business needs and thus create campaigns to promote the brand or product in line with the potential customer’s wishes. In this way, it can make an impact and attract them. 

Currently, digital marketing prevails, since the online environment has become the main business platform, including tourism. In this sense, tourism marketing, which applies marketing concepts directed at tourism, is essential for any company in the industry. 

The Internet is a vast field, and just as there are many travelers searching online, there are also many companies similar to yours offering the same services. To stand out, you need to know how to apply marketing in your tourism business to attract potential customers.  

Don’t worry, our goal here is to talk about 10 marketing strategies to apply in your tourism business today. 

Marketing Tips for Tour Operators

Marketing Strategies Tourism
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There are some marketing tips for tourism companies that make all the difference in positioning yourself in front of potential customers. By the way, creating positioning is one of the main functions of tourism marketing. As we have already mentioned, your tourism company needs to appear to the traveler in order to win him/her over as a customer. 

In other words, you need to know how to position yourself in the various online environments. Each platform has a specific language and tools to give visibility to your business.

For example, to position yourself at the top of Google searches, the production of relevant content with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques is the best strategy. 

On social networks, visual aids and audience engagement techniques help to promote your brand. But, more than that, digital marketing must be concerned with the main result: generating sales for your tourism company. 

To do this, it is based on four pillars of internet sales: attract traffic (audience), promote engagement (involvement), facilitate conversion (sale) and seek retention (loyalty).

Check Out 10 Foolproof Marketing Strategies for Tourism Companies

Now that we have talked about the concepts of marketing, digital marketing and tourism marketing and how all this can help your business, check out 10 foolproof marketing strategies to apply in your tourism company today:

1 – Make Your Presence Felt in The Online Environment 

The traveler needs to see your company to become interested in the product or service you offer. This is a basic rule of digital marketing: position your business properly on the Internet. 

Every trip, nowadays, starts in the online environment. Therefore, your tourism company has to be present in travelers’ searches. It is essential to have a well-designed, responsive site that facilitates the conversion of visitors into clients. For this, your site should highlight your tourism company’s values, present the service, and provide a good digital experience.

Also, have an online store. While searching for travel destinations on the Internet, today’s traveler also finalizes the purchase of tickets, accommodations, and other services online.

2 – Use Content Marketing to Attract The Public

The best way to appear in travelers’ searches is to produce relevant content on various travel-related topics.

For example, by producing a text about travel tips with children, you will attract families to your site who are searching for destinations to enjoy with their small children. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a blog with content related to the service you offer. 

Content marketing is one of the most effective strategies to attract organic traffic to your site. The visitor comes to you, gets to know your service, and, consequently, there is a better chance of converting him into a client. 

However, it is necessary to apply SEO techniques to stay in the first Google search results. It is essential to be in the first positions to be seen. This is because 95% of users who search on Google do not go beyond the first page of results.

3 – Learn How To Do Digital Marketing on Social Networks

Another essential tool for marketing your tourism company is the use of social networks. They concentrate more than 90% of potential customers.

Moreover, they are important platforms for building relationships with the public and achieving engagement for your brand. But for this, your tourism company has to know how to explore the particularities of each platform to win over the traveler. 

For example, the visual appeal on Instagram is very large, so it is necessary to invest in quality images, videos, lives, among others. On Facebook, the promotion campaigns have a great chance of getting direct results, since the service channels that the social network offers are very efficient. It’s no wonder that Facebook is the largest B2C social network in the world.

4 – Storytelling Is a Great Tool To Engage With The Public

In relation to audience engagement, the use of storytelling is a good strategy to create a connection with the potential customer. But what is it? Storytelling is, in its literal translation, narrative. But in the practice of marketing, it is the ability to tell stories, through audiovisual resources, to promote business by engaging with the public.

The use of storytelling helps to engage the potential customer in an indirect but persuasive way. 

And, in tourism, storytelling is an excellent tool, because the traveler is looking for experiences, and there is nothing better than a good story to engage and win them over.

5 – Maximize The Positive Reviews Of Your Travel Agency

Still on the search for experiences, it is worth highlighting positive customer reviews in the marketing strategies for your tourism company.

By showing that you offer a quality service, using the voice of customers who have already experienced your company’s service, it is easier to gain the trust of the potential customer.

For many, a trip is a dream come true, and to make sure nothing goes wrong, travelers look for companies they can trust. The testimonial of those who have already used the service counts a lot when hiring.

Ask your customers to always evaluate your company at the end of each service and use these evaluations in your advertising campaigns.

6 – Explore E-mail Marketing in The Right Way

Email marketing is an important communication channel to maintain the relationship with the traveler who is interested in your tourism company. In this sense, it is essential for your company to be remembered.

However, it should not be used in just any way. It is not enough to just shoot content to your entire list without considering the segmentation of the public.

Try to make campaigns targeted to each traveler profile that registered an email on your site. Create special campaigns for each audience, so you will have more chances of getting new business.

Also, before you fire off emails, do tests to see if they will actually reach your target audience.

7 – Know The Technology Available For Tourism Marketing

Every marketing strategy for tourism companies requires knowledge about the concepts and tools for dissemination. 

Technology is an important ally for the dissemination of brands and products, as well as facilitating the implementation of various actions. 

An example of this are chatbots, programs that simulate human beings when talking to customers on digital channels, such as websites and applications. 

The main advantage is to speed up the service for those who come to your tourism company. Through artificial intelligence, chatbots answer pre-programmed questions and direct customers to personalized service.

Another example of the use of technology is to combine Big Data and Machine Learning. They make it possible to organize data about potential customers automatically and help direct outreach campaigns based on each individual’s preference. 

8 – Invest in Digital Marketing For Tourism Businesses

Finding it all too complex? Don’t worry, there are agencies specializing in tourism marketing that can help leverage your business.

Besides all the theoretical and practical knowledge of marketing for tourism companies, they have all the tools to put into practice the best strategies for dissemination and consolidation of your business in the market.

This is what Travel Media PR does, a strategic intelligence agency that has been operating for over 10 years in the travel and tourism industry. With a team of specialists, Travel Media PR provides communication advisory services and leads projects aimed at building loyalty among tourist destinations, hotels, services, and travel agencies. 

It is well worth investing in digital marketing for your tourism company. Besides counting on the performance of professionals in the area who will deliver the results for you, you can focus on providing the service with excellence.

The correct application of tourism marketing combined with great service is the key to the success of your tourism company.

9 – Partner With Digital Influencers

Digital influencers are increasingly being seen as channels for promoting brands and products. This is because they know how to communicate and are trusted by those who follow them. As a result, they have a strong influence on the consumption practices of their followers. 

An interesting fact to justify the importance of signing this type of partnership to promote your tourism company is that, currently, 52% of Brazilian internet users follow some digital influencer.

10 – Keep an Eye on The Results

Every digital marketing action for your tourism company should be carefully monitored and evaluated. 

Therefore, keep an eye on the results that the strategies are bringing to your business. See how the public has reacted, how the financial return has been, and, if necessary, reassess the strategies. 

Another advantage of investing in digital marketing is that all platforms offer follow-up tools. This is important to ensure that the entire investment is well applied. 

If you realize that a strategy is not working, you can quickly rethink it so as not to lose money. When you hire an agency that specializes in tourism marketing, you will receive periodic reports on the results of the strategies put into practice. And it will be up to the professionals to worry about the success of each strategy.

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