Content Marketing and SEO For Tourism Industry

content marketing for tourism

Understand how content marketing for tourism can attract travelers to your tourism company and thus generate more business

Your tourism company has a website, an online store, and a profile on the main social networks, but is unable to draw travelers’ attention to your services? The problem may be the lack of investment in content marketing. 

It is no use just being on the internet. You need to know how to place yourself properly to be seen and attract potential customers. The internet is a vast terrain with many tourism companies offering the same services as yours. 

To stand out, the best way is to offer relevant content about tourism to draw the traveler to you. Understand how content marketing for tourism can help your business make money. 

What is Content Marketing and SEO?

content marketing for tourism

Content marketing is part of the concept of Inbound Marketing – the marketing of attraction. In this sense, content marketing is a strategy used to engage the target audience by creating relevant content – text, videos, podcasts, ebooks, posts. 

Gone are the days when tourism companies sold through direct, intrusive advertising. Now, the best way to reach leads – people interested in your services – is through attraction marketing. 

In other words, you use relevant tourism content to attract the traveler to you. Whether it is information about destinations, tips for tours, or gastronomic references, what counts is understanding the desires of potential customers to offer content about them. 

With this, you attract them to your site, blog, or social network and allow them to learn about your services, increasing their chances of actually becoming your customers.

But how do you get the traveler to come to the content you have produced? That is where SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, comes in. 

In short, SEO is a set of techniques to position your content in the first results of online search engines, mainly Google. 

These techniques are widely used by marketing professionals to make the content produced be seen by the target audience. 

And this is the premise of content marketing. To reach the leads, you need to be found by them. 

How to Use Content Marketing for Your Tourism Business

In tourism, content marketing is one of the main tools to reach travelers. This is because most people use the internet to research travel.

According to data from Kantar Ibope Media, the internet is used by 92% of Brazilians when researching or planning a trip. 

However, this research does not start with the services. Before thinking about hiring a travel company, people look for information about the places, suggestions, references and recommendations. 

For example, a person who intends to travel to Fernando de Noronha, at first, looks for information about the best time to go and what to do there. His search continues about where to eat, how to get there and, finally, where to stay. 

If your company is a travel agency and sells packages to Fernando de Noronha, a great way to attract this traveler is to produce content with all this information. 

A “Complete guide for those who are going to visit Fernando de Noronha” will certainly catch this person’s attention more than simply offering the travel packages on your website. On the other hand, by attracting this traveler to your portal, you will have a better chance to win him/her as a client, by offering information and solutions. 

Including, it is essential to establish a good content planning for social networks, since they are platforms widely used by travelers, either to seek information or to disseminate experiences.

Learn the Best SEO Techniques for Tourism

But this is just one example of how content marketing can help your business make money. However, it is important to master the best SEO techniques for tourism so that your content reaches the traveler.

This is because there is a lot of tourism content available on the Internet, and only properly constructed content can reach the top positions in search results.

In fact, it is essential to be in the first results of Google to attract more visitors to your site. This is because 95% of the search engine’s users do not go beyond the first page of results.

To appear at the top of the search results, besides the informative and relevant character, it is necessary to employ SEO techniques that help users and Google itself to identify your content.

Learn some SEO techniques for tourism below:

  • Use keywords: choose terms that can be used by your target audience and distribute them in the text. For example, if your text is about Porto de Galinhas, it is worth using keywords such as “trip to Porto de Galinhas”, “what to do in Porto de Galinhas”, or even “Porto de Galinhas sights”.
  • Offer quality content: It is no good just distributing keywords in the text. The content must have quality, both in writing and in information. Solve all the doubts that a traveler may have. Offer tips and present alternatives.
  • Bet on audiovisual content: It is also worth betting on audiovisual resources to enhance the content offered to the traveler. The image is a powerful tool to awaken the desire to travel. In this sense, videos are excellent for propagation on social networks.
  • Use related links: One way to enrich content is to offer references to related content, through internal and external links. A text that does not bring additional material loses relevance. Always offer more to your potential client, this way you will gain more credibility and, therefore, more business.

Where to Apply Content Marketing for Your Tourism Company

Not only for Google positioning, content marketing is an important tool that should be used in all tourism marketing strategies.

Whether for publications on your website, social networks, email marketing, and other actions to promote tourism services, it is essential to know how to apply content marketing.

But how to do this? When we talk about designing strategies, establishing a plan, and using the best techniques, we are talking about knowledge and time. You have to dedicate yourself to content marketing in order for it to bring results to your business. 

If you do not have the knowledge and time required for this, it is well worth investing in hiring an agency specializing in tourism marketing to help you.

Travel Media PR, for example, is an agency specialized in tourism marketing that can bring excellent results with the application of content marketing. 

With extensive experience in the loyalty of destinations and companies in the sector, Travel Media PR owns portals with a large volume of hits. Among them, it is worth mentioning the website Guia Viajar Melhor, which is among the top results in searches for news related to tourism in Brazil. 

The article “100 destinations to visit in Brazil”, published on the portal, is a successful case of Travel Media PR with regard to content marketing. When searching on Google for “places in Brazil”, it appears in the top positions. 

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