How to Make Your Tourism Company Among The First Results of Google?

First Results on Google - Travel Marketing

The main concern of anyone who sells on the Internet is to appear to the user. Tourism is no different. Therefore, we will give you tips on how to put your tourism company at the top of Google

Don’t know how to get your tourism company on top of Google to reach more travelers? Don’t worry, here we’ll explain what it takes to improve your site’s positioning on the major online search engines. 

Appearing properly to the user is a basic need for every company that sells over the Internet. This is because the supply of services is large and, to sell, it is necessary to be seen.

In tourism it is no different. This is why tourist destinations, hotels, travel agencies, and companies in the sector are so concerned about positioning themselves properly before travelers.

With this in mind, we have prepared some tips to make your tourism company among Google’s first results and, as a consequence, attract more clients. Check them out below.

How to make the first results on google

The Role of Content Marketing for Tourism

Content marketing is one of the main tourism marketing tools to attract travelers to the websites and social networks of tourism companies.

By offering relevant and attractive content, it is possible to place your tourism company among the first results of Google. As a consequence, it generates increased traffic and improves the chance of business.

But beyond ranking in organic searches, which we will talk about later, it is important to understand the role of content marketing for tourism.

Content marketing gives the company credibility, helps maintain customer relationships, and promotes tourism services without intrusive advertising.

For example, an international travel agency can attract tourists who want to visit Europe without necessarily offering travel packages to European destinations. 

How is this possible? When you plan a trip, you inevitably turn to the Internet to search for information about the destination and related tourist services. Thus, the travel agency can attract this tourist who wants to visit Europe, for example, with the post “Tips for first time travelers to Europe”.

However, it is worth noting that to reach the first results of Google and then appear to this traveler, your content must be relevant, informative and attractive. 

First Results of Google: SEO Techniques for Tourism

In addition, you need to know how to apply SEO – Search Engine Optimization – techniques not only in the text, but in all online production of your tourism company. But what is SEO? 

In short, it is a set of techniques used to improve the visibility of a site in search engines, generating increased organic traffic – that is, free traffic – and authority.

SEO techniques for tourism help companies in the sector to stand out in the online environment. Knowing how to use them puts your tourism business one step ahead of the competition. 

Putting your tourism company among the first results of Google means attracting not only travelers, but business possibilities. 

Your Tourism Company Among the First Google Results

So, how to put your tourism company at the top of Google? There are some strategies that, combined with the use of optimized content marketing with SEO techniques, ensure the good positioning of your site in organic searches.

Check out our tips to make your tourism company among the first results of Google:

  1. SEO: As mentioned before, knowing how to use SEO techniques is fundamental to place your tourism company in the first results of Google. The main SEO technique is the use of keywords, i.e. terms that can be used by the target audience to search for a subject in search engines. In addition, it is essential to create a friendly link, have an adequate meta description, and use external links as references.  
  1. Content: Offering relevant content is essential to achieve good positioning in Google searches and attract travelers. Study the subjects you can cover to arouse the interest of potential customers for your tourism company. Invest in research and provide material rich in information and tips. It is worth exploring audiovisual resources, excellent online attractions.
  1. Integration with social networks: Allow the content offered by your tourism company to be shared on other platforms. In this sense, it is essential to have the integration between your site and the profiles on the main social media.  
  1. Responsive site: It is essential to have a site with a layout that adapts to different screens. This is what we call responsiveness. In other words, the visitor can access the content offered both on computers and on cell phones and tablets.
  1. Sponsored links: Although it has a cost, using sponsored links helps your tourism company appear on the first page of results quickly and easily. The tool for this is Google Ads, where you can create campaigns based on keywords, suitable according to your budget.
  1. Link Building: The more sites that recommend yours, the more authority you will have with Google and, as a consequence, you will achieve better ranking. That’s what Link Building is all about, building links to a website. This is a strategy that requires close relationships with other sites and blogs that refer to your tourism company. Therefore, it may take longer to put into practice. 
  1. Search Console: Every marketing action, to be successful, needs to be monitored. The search for a position in Google is no different. The tool for this is Search Console, which allows you to monitor the presence of your tourism company’s website in Google searches. 
  1. Google Maps: Another way to put your tourism company on the first page of Google is to activate your location. This is possible through Google My Business. With a simple registration you can provide contact data and put your location on Google Maps. The advantage is that your tourism company will appear prominently in search results.

How to Put Your Tourism Company on Top of Google

Did you find it too complicated to apply SEO and content marketing techniques to put your company on top of Google? 

In fact, all strategies require time and knowledge. And the success of each one depends on your dedication to study the topics, analyze the public’s behavior, and put them into practice.

If you do not have time to dedicate to content marketing strategies, nor the technical knowledge necessary to position your tourism company among the first results of Google, the way out is to hire professional help.

You can count on the help of an agency specializing in tourism marketing to improve the positioning of your business. We make travel marketing strategies in different projects with our agency, Travel Media PR.

The strategic intelligence agency for the travel and tourism industry offers media, marketing, and public relations solutions for destinations and companies in the sector.

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