Tourism Marketing: a Travel Guide Creates Strategies to Promote Companies

Tourism marketing

Learn how to use tourism marketing to your advantage by linking your products and tourist services with content searched by Google users

Every hour, Internet users from all over the world perform 625,000 Google searches on travel, according to the platform’s survey. Every day, millions of people search for travel tips and tourist services on the Internet, using the new media as a means to find their next trip. Within this scenario, Google has become the largest search engine in the world, creating a never before imagined market.

This reality creates a favorable universe for travel agents and tourism professionals who want to communicate quickly and lastingly with their audience. What once seemed unlikely, has become an obligation for the tourism market. But for many it is still difficult to understand how it works and why having a web presence is a decisive factor for any business, especially in the service and experience segment, such as tourism. 

Tourism Marketing: Make Google Your Best Seller

Tourism marketing

Tourism is full of opportunities, but they come with competition. We know that Google gets countless daily searches on travel packages, tips on destinations and curiosities about different places. That is why the technique any agency needs is this: relate products and services with content users search for. 

Tourism marketing consists of attracting clients to your company, offering information they want to know in exchange. While social media acts as a kind of showcase to broadcast and inform your public about different experiences, blogs and travel sites offer deeper and more relevant content on each destination, guiding the public to make choices, plan trips and get inspired.

To connect travelers with tourism companies, Flights & Trip website was created to help visitors plan their trips. The channel, produced by experienced travellers and experts, is for English-speaking readers and UK residents and aims to strengthen consumers’ proximity to tourist destinations and services. 

Through interesting content optimized with the best SEO techniques, the portal allows several consumers to find companies in the travel business through these publications as they search Google or other platforms. Good strategy combined with good content ensures the exposure of a brand to thousands of tourists in a few clicks.

Travel Marketing Agency 

Flights & Trip is one of the travel blogs created by Travel Media PR agency, which has operated in the tourism marketing business since 2013. The company has already created several projects to leverage businesses and make them stand out in the market. In 2019, for example, it reached more than 16 million page views by people looking for accommodations and destinations in South America. 

The agency’s goal is to help travelers who want to plan new experiences and help companies and tourist destinations communicate with their audience in a segmented way, through news sites. The practice of well employed terms combined with an effective narrative is a strategy for many brands that want to reach customers who are planning their next trip. 

Within this scenario, a world of possibilities opens up for companies and tourist destinations that want to work on campaigns aimed at an exclusive audience, passionate about travel and new experiences. Despite its great potential, this market is still explored very little by travel brands, because there are almost no platform options in these formats in the world.

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