Tourism Marketing: Main Trends for 2021

tourism marketing

Amid so many uncertainties and losses caused by the pandemic, know what are the main tourism marketing trends for 2021 towards recovery

Tourism marketing has a big challenge in 2021: winning back travelers after months of movement restrictions and many uncertainties due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Tourism was one of the sectors of the economy most affected by the measures imposed to stop the virus from spreading. 

And now, with the resumption of activities, companies must seek the best marketing strategies to attract tourists again. For this, it is essential to know what the main tourism trends are for this year.

Travelers are more cautious about security and health protocols, and have a tighter budget. On the other hand, they crave unique experiences to compensate for the confinement period. 

To help you define the best strategy, we will describe the main tourism marketing trends for 2021. Understand how to reach tourists and what is most important to highlight in your company’s marketing campaigns.

What Tourism Marketing Will Look Like in 2021

tourism marketing

Among the main trends in tourism marketing in 2021 is communication across multiple platforms. With pandering and social isolation, people have started using digital channels more to research destinations. 

According to the Sojern platform, the number of consumers using social media to plan a trip has increased by 40%. 

As well as the amount of reservations made by cell phones has grown. This is because, according to the World Travel Market, travelers are increasingly using mobile devices for travel services.

Therefore, to reach more consumers it is important to be present in all available platforms, with campaigns created for each of them. Invest in promoting your services in a professional way to get the best result.  

Companies specializing in digital marketing can help you develop communication projects to enhance your reach. Travel Media PR is an example of an international agency that has tourism marketing solutions to help you win back the public with the right campaigns.

As travelers are increasingly accustomed to searching on digital media, the information provided by tourism companies must be complete and accessible. In other words, digital marketing in 2021 tends to be the main communication channel with travelers.

Creative Connection Will Be The Differentiator in 2021

New customs have led people to seek as much information about places as possible before traveling. Therefore, campaigns should reflect on travelers’ needs and concerns to create a connection with them and thus attract them.

In addition, the challenge for tourism marketing in 2021 is to show new ways to enjoy destinations safely and creatively. To do this, it must understand what is most important for each traveler’s profile: which experiences the tourist wants to live, what he considers essential, and how he can feel safer and freer to enjoy the destination. 

The study “The Future and Present of Post-Pandemic Travel“, conducted by the travel portal Guia Viajar Melhor (Travel Guide Better), revealed that the new traveler trend is the search for memorable experiences, with exclusive itineraries and more intimate service.  

Travel Media PR offers tourism marketing strategies developed based on this study to promote exactly what the traveler wants. When looking for a hotel or hostel, the tourist will search for these differentials and will come out ahead who best publicizes them.

Tourism Marketing Must Demonstrate Safety to Travelers

Demonstrating safety will be a key focus of tourism marketing in 2021. According to research by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), more than 80% of tourists are concerned about both travel restrictions and covid-19 contagion. 

It is therefore important to make clear to travelers all the measures taken in order to prevent the spread of covid-19. Besides the mandatory use of masks and alcohol gel – which everyone already knows they should do – it is necessary to divulge the other prevention measures, such as room service and flexibility in the hours of use of common areas.

Tourists will also feel safer if they know that the hotels or inns have increased hygiene actions and are following sanitary protocols. 

In this sense, it is essential that this information is well highlighted in communication channels – websites, social networks, and marketing campaigns. For example, it will be a differential for the traveler to know that the place offers à la carte breakfast, served in the room, or that it has activities by appointment and access cards to common areas.

In addition, check-in and check-out through digital channels and robot deliveries directly to the rooms will be important services in this new scenario.

Reconnecting With Customers Will Be Essential For Tourism Marketing

In relation to pandemic concerns, it is easier for tourists to feel safe to travel to a place they already know. For example, by choosing a hotel or hostel that they have visited before. 

This is because a new place represents more risk, since one does not know what to expect. Thus, the sense of security will lead travelers to choose familiar places.

Thus, a good strategy for tourism marketing in 2021 will be to reconnect with old customers. Seek out those who have already been to your establishment, create campaigns aimed at these customers, and show them why you are the best option.

Promotions and Discounts Will Be Good Alternatives to Attract Travelers

Another tourism marketing trend for 2021 is to offer promotions and discounts as a way to attract travelers. Travel budgets have been reduced due to the economic consequences of the pandemic, which makes tourists value these actions.

Giving complimentary daily rates or establishing discount partnerships with local attractions are among the measures that can attract more travelers. But for this, they need to be well publicized on digital channels. 

Make Reservation and Cancellation Policies More Flexible 

Another adaptation in the pandemic that is here to stay among the main trends for 2021 in the tourism sector is the relaxation of booking and cancellation policies. 

Travel restrictions can get in the way of travel plans, so travelers will prioritize places that allow reservations to be changed, rescheduled, or cancelled without charging fees. 

According to Sojern research, 70 percent of post-pandemic tourists will only book a trip if the location offers a flexible booking policy. For tourism marketing it will be essential to highlight this flexibility to reach more travelers.    

Is your company prepared for these changes? 

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