Travel Guide Launches Tourism Marketing Service for Companies

tourism marketing for companies

Tourism marketing service: initiative brings facilities for destinations and tourism companies to promote services with communication and travel marketing strategies

What is the first thing you do when you start planning a trip? How do tourists behave when looking for tips about a destination or tour? No need to answer: we know that you turn to an Internet search engine, such as Google, Yahoo and others. And the tendency is to click on the results displayed on the first page, right?

In this sense, blogs and travel sites that offer relevant, optimized and more in-depth content about each destination, gain a greater prominence in the searches. They work as a complementary service to what digital influencers do. Influencers are great when it comes to publicizing a little-known destination, but it is through travel sites and blogs that tourists will plan their itinerary.

Travel guides, for example, centralize much more than just news promoting a place. These tourism sites gather a wealth of valuable information that helps the traveler. Only on these sites you can find tips about the best time to visit a destination, places to visit on your trip, indication of restaurants, hotels, airlines, tours, and much more. 

To help these tourists, and also strengthen the direct communication of companies and destinations, the travel guide Flights & Trip launched a digital marketing service for Travel and Tourism agencies. All communication is done by journalists, publicists and a team specialized in tourism marketing, in addition to an engaged and experienced community of travelers. 

The portal is a potential news spreader for English speaking readers worldwide, with a focus on residents of the UK, North America, Europe and Australia. 

Basically, the company aims to help tourists who are looking for travel tips and services on the internet, and to connect companies and destinations with a segmented and assertive audience, based on data analysis, customer profile, behavior and travel marketing strategies.

After an analysis of tourist behavior, search trends and definition of the brand’s target audience, the company prepares segmented content to improve SEO, Inbound and Travel Marketing strategies. The publications become a new communication and sales channel for tourism companies, targeted to reach their customers at the moment they are planning a trip.

Travel Marketing and Content Marketing Services

tourism marketing for companies
Credit: Shangri-la Paris

The novelty brings an expansion to the strategic intelligence and communication services of the Flights & Trip website, designed to assist companies throughout the tourism chain. The site is part of a travel media group, owners of Guia Viajar Melhor, a Portuguese language travel guide, which offers similar travel marketing solutions and impacts about 20 million page views a year.  

These innovative solutions become more accessible opportunities to complement travel marketing strategies. Hotels, agencies, tourist destinations, service companies, startups and even small brands that want to promote their services can achieve great results. 

“Altogether our channels reach more than 60,000 people daily, and 25% of this audience is at this very moment accessing some publication of the online guide, searching in real time for news related to tourism. We saw in these numbers a great opportunity to direct these consumers to companies, respecting our careful curation to provide the best experience for tourists and brands,” says Gustavo Albano, New Business Manager at Travel Media PR

These services reinforce the mission of both brands in being facilitators in tourism, both for consolidated players in the market and for new companies and destinations. The careful analysis also provides the best experience for the final consumer, who can find information and travel services quickly and in a single place. 

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