Tourism Marketing Strategies: How To Attract More Tourists

Tourism Marketing strategies

Tourism Marketing Strategies: we have separated some travel marketing tips and strategies for small and medium-sized businesses

We know that the Covid-19 pandemic caused the biggest crisis ever seen in the tourism and travel industry. But with the vaccine approaching, the decrease in the number of cases and the transmission rate of the virus, the progress in the states’ easing phases, and the increase in the flight fleet, travel agencies, hotels and inns, and air and ground transportation companies can start thinking about tourism marketing strategies to get consumers’ attention, and get them to choose your service for their trip. 

People are eager to leave home, to travel, and to explore the world, the country, the state, and even the city where they live. Amid so much diversity of supply in the tourism market, and less demand from consumers, the question becomes: how to stand out from other companies and convince the public that you are the best choice for their trips? 

One of the most effective alternatives is to build a strategic digital marketing plan. After all, in this period users are more connected to the Internet than ever before. And to have smart results, the ideal is to hire marketing experts, who will know exactly how to conduct market research, design the persona, and determine the appropriate communication strategy to manage your social networks. Overall, digital marketing can transform your company’s image.  

Trends for travel returns and digital marketing in 2021

Tourism Marketing strategies

Travel Media PR has selected some tips on the trends for the return of tourism activities, and how to relate and tailor them to your digital marketing, after the strong impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Show your attention to safety measures and hygiene protocols

The hygiene habits and the demand for traveler safety have changed.  It is now essential to leave with at least one bottle of alcohol gel in your suitcase. And because of the high level of Covid-19 transmission, transportation and accommodation providers should double their hygiene practices and try their best to respect the 1.5m social distance to prevent the virus from infecting their customers.

Show that you have this awareness and that your priority is the customer’s health and comfort. In digital marketing, you can do this through social media by posting content, mainly visual, about how your business is adapting to the “new normal” and investing in safety and cleanliness. 

Bet on (and encourage) domestic tourism

The study by Fundação Getúlio Vargas Projetos (FGV Projetos) concluded that the recovery of tourism should occur in stages. The first of these concerns short-distance domestic travel, via road transport. Next will come long-distance travel by air, business and event travel, and finally the resumption of international tourism, in accordance with the norms of each country. 

Therefore, this is the moment to value national tourism and your company to feed the dissemination of your Brazilian products. To do this, keep up to date and disseminate information about how destinations are performing.  One way to do this is by promoting content marketing, with the hiring of a professional producer.  

Promote and publicize little-visited places

In a reality still without immunization and without the Covid-19 vaccine distributed to the entire population, it is necessary to avoid crowds as much as possible in order to contain the virus and not influence the increase in the number of cases. In a survey by, consumers claim that they want to travel to little-known destinations, with minimal visitors and to avoid crowds.  

This question somewhat excludes the more classic tourist destinations. So it is time to get out of the comfort zone and invest in unusual places and attractions. To do this, harmonize the work of the marketing team, together with the route team. To attract the consumer, invest in creative outreach, such as quick-to-consume videos like Instagram’s Reels, and Tik Tok. 

For example, videos showing that landscape of your destination or trivia about the local culture, tend to attract even more customers. Ask for testimonials from partners in your region and customers who have already had a good experience with your service. Bringing ideas and communication suggestions in a playful way strengthens the brand’s relationship with the consumer. Humanize your company’s communication, show that it is made by people and for people. 

Use travel marketing strategies with remarketing tools

This is the strategy to recover users who almost bought your product or service, but gave up before converting. The goal in performing it is to win back the hearts of potential customers and show them that your business is still available to them.  

In some of the digital marketing options, you can reach this user through Facebook Ads, Facebook’s ad service, and through email marketing, when you already have the contact with the consumer registered on your site.  

Your presence on Google and social networks needs to be the strongest in your market and destination

TOurism marketing
Credit: Four Season Marrakech

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tool that puts you in the consumers’ eye and on the first page of the world’s largest search engine, Google. And you don’t have to pay anything extra for this, as with Google AdWords. The advantage actually lies in the fact that 70-95% of users prefer organic search results.  

Social networks, on the other hand, are responsible for feeding the tourism industry and marketing by sharing images of beautiful landscapes and travelers’ testimonials.  

The logic is: the more clicks on your page, the more people will get to know your product. The marketing specialist makes all the difference in this process, because he will know how to manage these tools, analyze the data, and generate effective results for the company’s success.  

Company specialized in travel marketing can be the salvation (and the differential) for your business model

Travel Media PR is an agency specialized in tourism marketing strategies and communication consulting. The company operates globally and maintains a series of projects and its own brands aimed at strengthening the strategies of destinations, as well as serving as support in campaigns. 

The most consolidated project in the tourism market is the Guia Viajar Melhor, a portal for content related to the sector, such as news and travel inspiration. To quantify the reach, the Guide has 15 thousand unique readers daily, the page has more than 20 million views per year and through the social networks of the Guide, it reaches around 6.6 million users monthly.  

The Flights & Trip portal is another ally to promote the content produced in partnership with companies in the travel and tourism industry worldwide.  With collaborative intent, experts and also experienced travelers share tips on the best places and services and, at the same time, promote brands and destinations, also bringing news and information to the public. 

In addition to content and advisory solutions, Travel Media PR also offers social media management advisory, Inbound Marketing proposals, SEO campaigns and other solutions for the industry, with the aim of building loyalty among tourist destinations, hotels, services and travel agencies.

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