Travel Marketing: Where Do I Start?

Tourism Marketing Consultancy

Find out how to take the first step to work with travel communication and tourism marketing consultancy strategies for your business

Before starting a communication and travel marketing consultancy work in your company, you may have many questions. You will need, for example, to think about hiring specialized professionals to start using their strategies. Therefore, it is recommended to put a team of advisers, journalists and marketing analysts together to develop customized content that will bring results.

It is also necessary to create a plan in order to identify the real needs of your potential clients: what they want, where they are, what they are looking for and how to satisfy them. Far beyond advertising, tourism marketing involves processes and techniques that allow you to find out who, in fact, is your client and how to make them discover your business.

Travel Content and Communication: The Internet as Social Ally

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Tourism is highly sought after on digital platforms, with about 625,000 searches every hour, according to a Google survey. Remember that even those who are not planning a trip at the moment are looking for possible destinations, inspiration and trivia about places around the world.

But how can you direct this volume of research to your business, even in this crowded environment? Well, your job is to make those who are looking for your something in your company actually find it. The consumer is looking for answers on search platforms – and you may have the answer! To do this, companies need to create ways to answer these questions by bringing their products and services together.

The idea is to attract the customer through relevant content, so people will come organically to your company, not the other way around. The process is natural, but when the reader finds what he or she wants, you should offer relevant contents and deliver more than he or she expects to receive. These strategies are applied in tourism marketing, which creates a bridge that approaches destinations and services to your potential client.

Tourism Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Sales

Tourism Marketing Strategies

You must already have noticed that, in tourism marketing and destination marketing, it is extremely important that your business is well ranked on Google’s search results. However, to be well ranked in search platforms, being impactful isn’t enough, your content must also follow a series a strageteries.

That is why agencies focused on tourism marketing and consultancy, together with a team of specialists, create totally optimized content with these results in mind. It’s the case of Travel Media PR, that leads a series of projects directed at increasing travel business and making them stand out in the market.

The brand owns portals with large access volume, focused on SEO strategies, which allow it to achieve the best search results. In Brazil, for example, the website Guia Viajar Melhor, is currently one of the main tourism news publishers, with over 15 thousand daily accesses. One of the articles published by the site , “100 destinations to know in Brazil”, is one of the first positions when we search for words such as “places in Brazil” or “destinations in Brazil”.

The portal Flights & Trip is one more ally to broadcast the content made with tourism and travel businesses all around the world. With a collaborative purpose, experts and experienced travelers share tips on the best places and services as well as disclose brands and destinations, bringing the public news and information.

Tourism Communication Consultancy Company

Travel Media PR is an agency specialized in tourism marketing strategies and communication consultancy. The company operates globally and maintains a series of projects and its own brands aimed at strengthening destination strategies, as well as supporting campaigns.

Beyond travel marketing solutions, Travel Media PR agency also offers social media management advisory, Inbound Marketing proposals, SEO campaigns and other solutions for the travel industry, aiming to build loyalty for tourist destinations, hotels, services and travel agencies.

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