How Press Relations Can Help Travel Companies and Tourism Destinations


The promotion of travel companies and tourist destinations goes beyond the digital marketing work. Understand the role of press relations in tourism and its benefits

You may already know that investing in digital marketing is a must for any tourism company today. This is because it is in the online environment that all travel begins. Just to give you an idea, 625,000 searches about travel are made worldwide every hour, according to Google. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to place yourself on the Internet to be seen by travelers. 

Marketing strategies develop actions to promote tourism businesses in order to attract leads through relevant content and then convert them into actual customers. 

But what you may not know is that the tools to give visibility to travel companies and tourism destinations go beyond digital marketing strategies.

An example is the work of the press office, which seeks the consolidation of brands and businesses in the market through spontaneous disclosure in the media.

Similarly, this work can be employed to promote travel companies and tourist destinations. It is important, however, to have a good plan to ally marketing strategies to the advisory services, since one does not invalidate the other. Rather, if well coordinated, they can result in the success of a tourism business.  

To help you understand how the press office can help travel companies and tourist destinations, we prepared this special post. Check it out below.

What Is The Role of The Press Office in Tourism?

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First of all, what does a press office do? In short, the role of the press office is to create a relationship between a business and the media, in order to consolidate the brand in the market.

To do this, it works to disseminate information about the products and services of the company it serves – in the format of press releases, i.e., texts focused on these strategies – to the media pertinent to its area of activity. 

The goal is to attract spontaneous media by inserting this information in reports or by getting the person in charge of the company to participate in interviews. In other words, unlike marketing, in which it is necessary to pay for advertising space, the press office publicizes in the media without additional costs.  

In addition, the press office works with the management of social networks, helps in the creation of relevant content, follows up interviews, and acts in the management of crises related to the business image.

And what is the application of the press office in tourism? The press office works to consolidate travel companies and tourist destinations in the market. To do this, it uses all the techniques we mentioned above.

However, more than that, it manages to confer authority status when inserting a travel agency, hotel or resort in articles about travel and well being. For example, by ensuring the participation of a hotel manager in a story about the attractions of the city where it is located, it will draw attention to the name of the hotel and the service it offers. 

For the reader, this hotel will become a reference of accommodation in the destination. Then, when he or she visits the destination, this traveler will be more likely to look for a hotel to stay at.

How Can Press Relations Help Travel Companies and Tourism Destinations? 

When we talk about press relations, the first reference is the dissemination of releases to the media in order to get space in reports and interviews.

However, the work of the press office in tourism is much broader and involves strategies designed exclusively for the sector, such as, for example, the Press Trip.

If you have never heard about this type of strategy to attract media to travel companies and tourist destinations, don’t worry. Below, we will detail each of the actions that a press office uses to promote tourism business:

Releases and Articles

An essential work of a press office, the production of press releases and articles is a great tool to promote travel companies and tourism destinations to the media.


The press office maintains a close relationship with the media active in the tourism market. This is important to be able to insert content related to the travel companies and tourism destinations. 

In addition, it monitors each of these vehicles to know what was published in the media about the assisted company – the so-called clipping. It is important to measure the results of each action and reformulate strategies.

Content Production

Still about textual production, the press office is also responsible for feeding your company’s blog with relevant content about the tourism services that you work with. 

Offering informative content about travel is a great way to attract tourists to your site and, consequently, have more business possibilities.

Care With The Image

The press office works on the image of travel companies and tourist destinations. To do so, it is concerned with visual identity and with the quality of all the material disclosed. It also manages the image bank, which, after all, is essential to show the beauty of the places and, thus, conquer travelers.

Social Network Monitoring

The press office takes care that travel companies and tourist destinations maintain a good relationship with their clients on social networks. To do this, it manages the communication channels and monitors ratings and comments.

Crisis Management

It is of utmost importance to know how to deal with criticism and negative reviews. Nowadays, a comment on social networks can take on great proportions to the point of tarnishing a company’s image. 

Therefore, the role of the press office in crisis management is fundamental. It will take care of solving the problems of the dissatisfied traveler and will revert the criticism with positive material about your tourism business. 

Press Trip

This is the press advisory strategy more directed towards tourism. It consists in inviting journalists to visit a hotel, inn, or resort. The objective is to provide them with experiences that may become publicity through reports or recommendations.

It is Worth Hiring a Tourism Press Office

Based on all the information about the performance of this type of communication company, it is safe to say that it is worth hiring a tourism press office.

However, look for press offices with expertise in the tourism sector to ensure better alignment with the objectives of your travel company. By knowing the particularities of tourism, it will be much easier for the press office to understand the needs of your tourism business.

This is the case with Travel Media PR, a strategic intelligence agency for the travel and tourism industry. With a team of specialists, it acts globally to build loyalty among travel companies and destinations, making them stand out in the market and gain relevance in the media. 

Travel Media PR is an international agency that provides full service marketing and press relations with a focus on the B2B (Business for Business) audience. To this end, it offers social media management, Inbound Marketing proposals, SEO campaigns, and other solutions for the sector.

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