10 Ideas To Strengthen Your Hotel Sales Through Social Networks

Hotel sales - Social networks for hotel

The use of social networks by hotels is an effective tool for customer outreach and conversion. Understand how to strengthen your hotel sales through social networks

A necessity of the digital world, online presence makes all the difference for a hotel today. It is on the internet that trips start and where services are contracted, especially lodging. 

If you have a hotel and have not yet invested efforts in publicizing your services on social media, you are wasting time and business chances. It is possible to strengthen your hotel’s sales through social media by using travel marketing strategies. 

The use of social networks by hotels is an effective tool for publicizing and converting customers. Don’t waste any more time, learn how to win new guests and consolidate your brand in the tourism market. Check out our 10 ideas to strengthen your hotel sales through social networks. 

Hotel sales - Social networks for hotel

How to Sell Through Social Networks

It is important to know how to sell through social networks to achieve good results. Nowadays it is not enough just to advertise products and services. There is a lot on offer, and to stand out you need to have a good travel marketing plan to win customers and thus sell through social networks.

The first step is to offer quality content to attract followers to your social media. In the case of hotels, it is worth investing in travel tips, itineraries, and information about the destination where you are located.

The second step is to have a well-defined visual identity. Hotels need to invest in social media profiles in order to express the same identity as their accommodations.

The third step is to prioritize the relationship with potential customers. Whoever comes to your profile cannot remain unattended. Answer their questions, like their comments, and use all the tools for interaction with the public.

The fourth step is to facilitate the purchase on social media. To do this, make use of the interaction tools between social networks and your hotel’s online store. By doing so, you will take advantage of the impulse buying by the future guest. 

However, it is necessary to observe the particularities of each social platform to get more results. The way you sell on Facebook is not the same as on Youtube. 

Check out, below, some tips on how to sell through social networks:

  • Youtube: the first thing to do is to create a channel. Use SEO techniques in the titles and descriptions so that your content is found both on Youtube and Google’s organic searches.
  • Facebook: A great way to sell through Facebook is to integrate your e-commerce with the social network. In addition, use Facebook Ads to promote publications and reach a larger audience. Through this tool you can target your content to the audience you want to reach.
  • Instagram: The big attraction of Instagram is the image. Therefore, to attract the future guest’s attention you need to invest in great photos of your hotel and the destination. To appear to new users, use hashtags with terms related to your services. It is also worth using Instagram Shopping and Instagram Ads to boost your publications.
  • Whatsapp: Use the business version of Whatsapp, Whatsapp Business. It facilitates communication with clients, allowing them to be classified. In addition, it is a great tool for sending targeted promotions.

Ideas to Strengthen Your Hotel Sales Through Social Networks

When it comes to the hotel industry, there are some travel marketing strategies that can help strengthen your hotel’s sales through social media. 

Knowing them is important for planning and leveraging the use of these platforms to gain more guests.

See below 10 ideas to strengthen your hotel sales through social networks:

  1. Show the Quality of Your Services

As we have already said, the content published on social networks is essential to attract leads – people with potential attraction to your service or product – and turn them into your customers.

Showing the quality of your services is one of the best strategies to win the future guest. And you can do this on social networks through images, videos, tours, and testimonials from other guests. 

Reveal the backstage of your hotel, show how your employees are trained, and how the experience of those who have stayed with you was. 

  1. Offer a Differential

Don’t be just one, the traveler is always looking for something extra. There are many hotels advertising their services on social networks. To attract the guest, your hotel needs to show a differential.

Be it an extra service, a courtesy, a cool environment, show uniqueness. This is a tactic that counts a lot in winning over future guests.

  1. Have a Continuous Presence 

The secret to success on social networks is to have a good marketing plan that includes continuous presence. 

Stay active on social media with constant and periodic posts. Also, be ready to answer questions and provide the best service to those who reach out to you.

  1. Invest in Content Marketing

Don’t just publish content about your services, invest in informative travel material, give tips on tours, reveal the destination where your hotel is located. Use the techniques of content marketing to attract the traveler to you and then win him/her over as a client.

  1. Know How to Use Branding on Social Networks

Branding is nothing more than the set of actions to make a brand or company positively recognized. 

Having a hotel with a strong and coherent identity helps to win the trust of future guests, because it shows credibility. For this, it is necessary to know how to demonstrate the values and purposes to create a connection with the target audience.

  1. Value Experiences

Another strategy to strengthen your hotel’s sales on social networks is to value experiences in marketing actions. 

Show future guests what they can experience during their stay. Highlight the experiences of guests who have already stayed in your hotel, use storytelling and encourage the sharing of content through hashtags, for example.

  1. Abuse the Audiovisual

Images are great allies of travel marketing. They help attract the desire of travelers by revealing the beauty of places. For hotels, they are also fundamental. The better the pictures taken of your accommodations, the more guests you will get.

Therefore, audio-visual appeal is very important in social media marketing strategies. Not only photos, use videos, stories, and virtual tours. 

It is also worth using photos taken by guests. Show the satisfaction of those who have already stayed with you.

  1. Carry out Promotional Campaigns

Social networks are excellent platforms for promotional campaigns. A differential of social media is the possibility of creating actions that, besides discounts, promote your hotel through public engagement: the famous “follow, like and share” campaigns.

A tip is to promote not only your hotel, but to establish partnerships to give discounts on local attractions or amenities.

  1. Use Paid Advertising

As already mentioned, social media’s paid advertising tools are also great for strengthening your hotel’s sales. Through Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads it is possible to create segmented and targeted campaigns. 

The investment can be defined according to the available budget and the results are monitored in real time.

  1. Bet on Digital Influencers

Digital influencers should also be part of your strategy to strengthen your hotel’s sales. They have the confidence of the niche in which they operate, speak the same language as the public, and are able to influence the consumption decisions of their followers.

How to Do a Good Management of Social Networks for Hotels

Like any travel marketing strategy, the management of social networks for hotels requires planning, dedication and technical knowledge.

Therefore, if you are a hotel owner and want to increase your sales from an efficient action on social networks, it is worth investing in specialized help. There are agencies focused on tourism marketing that, besides the social media – the professional responsible for social media marketing – have a team of experts to promote your hotel on online platforms.

This is what Travel Media PR does, a strategic intelligence agency for the travel and tourism industry.  Specialized in leveraging tourism business, the company manages portals with high volume of access that stand out in social networks. And, besides social media management, it offers marketing solutions aimed at building loyalty among tourist destinations, hotels, services, and travel agencies

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