Online Check-in: a Way to Improve Sales Strategies for Your Hotel

Online Check-in System

Understand the benefits of online check-in for guest satisfaction and learn how to use it to improve sales strategies for your hotel or travel agency

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many changes to people’s behavior, especially when it comes to consumption. In the tourism industry, one of the most affected by the movement restrictions imposed to control the virus, these changes forced companies to adapt. As a result, several processes have been accelerated to meet the new demands of travelers.

In this context, hotels are the ones that most need to review procedures and conducts to be able to welcome guests again. Safety and health have become the most important requirements to gain the trust of new travelers.

For this, digital marketing strategies for hotels and travel agencies began to focus on the adaptations made to ensure safe lodging. And, in the midst of all this, technology proved to be the greatest ally to enable services adapted to the new reality, with less contact and more agility.

That’s where online check-in comes in to improve sales strategies. This tool has already been implemented in some hotel chains and has gained strength since the pandemic.

In this post we will show you the benefits of online check-in for hotels in terms of guest satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, you will understand how to use online check-in to improve sales strategies for your hotel or travel agency.

Online Check-In Software

How to Improve Hotel or Travel Agency Sales Strategies

Travelers are not the same and, therefore, neither is tourism. Therefore, it is essential that you understand this new reality to know what to do in your hotel or travel agency to attract this new traveler.

So, how to improve the sales strategies of hotels and travel agencies from now on?

In addition to adapting procedures in your hotel or travel agency, digital marketing actions need to highlight what the new traveler is looking for in order to attract them.

It is important that the digital marketing team or agency is well informed about all the adaptations made to highlight them in the outreach actions. In this way, it will be able to create relevant content that will win over this new traveler. 

At this point, it is worth counting on a specialized digital marketing agency that can propose the best outreach solutions for your hotel or travel agency, such as Travel Media PR

The strategic intelligence agency is aligned with the new trends for the travel and tourism industry and works to build loyalty and highlight tourism companies in this new scenario. To this end, it maintains a series of projects aimed at strengthening the strategies of hotels and travel agencies, as well as serving as support in campaigns. 

How to Use Online Check-in to Improve Sales Strategies

One tip to improve sales strategies for hotels and travel agencies is to emphasize the investment in new technologies for guest safety, such as the implementation of online check-in.  

By highlighting what you are doing to ensure a better stay, you gain the trust of the potential customer and, as a consequence, increase your sales.

Below, understand the benefits of online check-in and how it can help you improve your hotel or travel agency sales strategies:

  1. Helps centralize guest information

Online check-in also works as a kind of database and allows your hotel or travel agency to centralize guest information. 

The benefit is to always have an up-to-date register to be used in all customer service and future targeted marketing actions.

  1. Speeds up customer service

Another positive point is that it speeds up the service process when the guest arrives at the hotel. In other words, it avoids the traveler from queuing at the reception desk and saves energy and staff time. 

Showing that your hotel works to improve the guest’s experience, from their arrival, is a differential to attract new customers. 

  1. Improves guest satisfaction

Online check-in contributes to guest satisfaction by speeding up service. The new traveler will place importance on experiences, and showing them how they can improve their stay is a great way to attract them. And when they leave satisfied, they will surely come back and recommend you to other travelers.

  1. Generate Increased Sales

The result of all the benefits mentioned above is an increase in sales for your hotel or travel agency. 

In addition, centralizing guests’ information in an updated registry allows your marketing campaigns to be thought out and targeted according to their preferences.

How to Make Online Check-in Available at Your Hotel

It is important that the information about online check-in is clearly provided to the guest on your website. 

It is worth highlighting in the FAQ all the documents required for check-in and how to do it. Learn how to make online check-in available at your hotel below:

  1. Form

Your hotel can provide online check-in through a form. For this, the guest should be guided to fill out the document in advance on your website.

The online form replaces the one filled in at the hotel’s reception desk. In other words, when the guest arrives, all he needs to do is validate the check-in already made through the internet. 

  1. Chatbot

It is possible to use a chatbot – a robot that simulates virtual customer service – to answer questions about online check-in. Similarly, there are technologies that allow the reservation and check-in to be made via chatbot service.

  1. Terminals

Some people prefer to use virtual service terminals at hotel receptions where it is possible to check-in online. There, the guest enters contact information, scans an ID document, and takes a photo. 

The terminal prints out a key in card format and the traveler can proceed to the room.

  1. Mobile

Another trend for online check-in is mobile applications. This type of tool has already been used by major hotel chains.

The applications allow not only check-in but also integrate other services, such as requesting meals in the rooms, for example. 

  1. Whatsapp

Still on the use of cell phones, another tool allows online check-in through WhatsApp. The application is used daily by 98% of Brazilians with access to smartphones, so it has great potential for guest service. 

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