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Press Relations Agency for Travel Startups

Do you want to consolidate your brand in the tourism market? We’re an agency focused in press relations for travel startup and tourism industry. We understand how it can help your company to achieve credibility and stand out from the others

You may already know that online presence is a basic requirement for any travel company nowadays. Every hour, 625,000 searches about travel are made worldwide, according to Google. It is on the Internet that every trip begins, so to be seen, your company needs to know how to position itself on the main platforms. And with travel startup it’s no different.

But how to make your travel startup gain relevance and be found by your target audience? Tourism marketing can help you to be found in Google’s organic searches and in social networks by the customer you want to serve. But building your company’s credibility depends on the – efficient – work of a press office. 

That is why we prepared this special post to explain how the press office can help your travel startup to consolidate itself in the tourism market. Want to know how? Let’s go!

Press Relations for Destinations and Travel Companies

Before hiring a press office, it is important to understand what it does and how it can contribute to your travel startup. 

In this sense, it is fundamental to bear in mind that it is not a simple publicity job and that its objective is not to generate sales, as it happens with marketing.

The role of the press office is to create a relationship between a tourism business and the media, in order to consolidate the brand in the market. To this end, it works to disseminate information about travel startup – in the format of press releases – to the tourism media, in order to attract spontaneous media.

The goal of the press office is to place this information in reports or to get the person in charge of the startup to participate in interviews. With this, it is able to build the image of the travel startup in the market, giving it authority. 

In other words, unlike marketing, in which it is necessary to pay for advertising space, the press office publicizes in the media at no cost.

But the work of the press office does not stop there. It also manages the startup’s image in the social networks, assists in the creation of relevant content, accompanies entrepreneurs in interviews, and acts in crisis management.

In other words, the press office works to consolidate travel startup in the market.

How Can the Press Relations Help Your Travel Startup?

Press Relations for Travel Startups

To emphasize, the work of the press office is essential to consolidate the image of the travel startup in the market. In this way, it makes it known to the target audience and also helps to attract investors. 

But, in fact, how can a press office help your travel startup to achieve all this? The first strategy of the press office is the dissemination of releases to the media in order to get space in reports and interviews. But not just any material. The releases need to portray the reality of your startup, tell your story in an attractive way and bring information that is worth publishing a news story about it.

Releases and articles: 

The content produced by the press office is tailor-made for communication with media outlets. Whether through releases or articles, this type of communication is an essential part of the work of a press office for the consolidation of a travel startup.

Content production: 

The press office also contributes to the production of content for your startup’s blog. Offering informative content about travel is a great way to attract tourists to your site and, consequently, have more business possibilities.

Media relations: 

Another very important part is the close relationship with the media active in the tourism market. It is important to be able to insert content related to travel startup in the media. 


And it is not enough just to send material to serve as a basis for news, it is necessary to monitor the publications. In other words, it is up to the press office to monitor each of these vehicles to know what they published about the assisted startup. This monitoring is done through clipping and is available to you. The press office uses the clipping to measure the strategies.

Brand Consolidation: 

The press office, in general, works with the image of the travel startup, being concerned with the visual identity and with the quality of all the material disclosed. The goal is to achieve brand consolidation in the market. That is great to your travel marketing strategies.

Social network monitoring:

Important platforms for publicizing and conquering the market, the social networks are managed by the press office. On them, it publishes content that strengthens the travel startup and works to maintain a good relationship with customers. To this end, it manages the communication channels and monitors ratings and comments.

Crisis management: 

The press office also acts to maintain the credibility of the travel startup in adverse scenarios. That is, when something does not go as it should and affects travelers, the press office comes into play to offer the best solution. Its role in crisis management is fundamental, as it will take care to solve the problems and reverse possible criticism with positive material about your travel startup.

It must be emphasized, however, that the job of the press office is not to generate sales, but to manage the image and gain credibility for the travel startup. It is up to digital marketing to put in place strategies aimed at increasing the leads of a travel startup. 

And, if you want the full success of your company, the way is to combine the work of the press office with digital marketing strategies. In this way, one will enhance the other and your travel startup will have the best results.

How to Hire a Press Relations for Travel Startup?

Now, the question that does not want to be silent is: how to hire a press office for a travel startup?

The first step is to look for a company that operates in the tourism industry. This is because, in addition to the technical knowledge of press relations, it will have knowledge of the particularities of this market and also a relationship with the tourism media. 

This way, you will be able to propose adequate strategies for your travel startup, placing it as in the specialized media and, thus, giving it authority in the sector.

The second step is to bet on hiring an agency specialized in tourism marketing that provides the service of press relations. This way, as we have already explained, your startup will count on the union of two fundamental areas for success: advisory services to conquer the media and digital marketing to reach business with the target audience.

This is the case of Travel Media PR, a strategic intelligence agency for the travel and tourism industry. Travel Media PR is an international agency that provides full service marketing and press advisory services with a focus on the B2B – Business for Business – audience. 

With a team of specialists, it acts globally to build loyalty among travel companies and tourist destinations, making them stand out in the market. To this end, it offers social media management, Inbound Marketing proposals, SEO campaigns, and other solutions for the sector.

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