Press Office for Small Tourism Companies

Press Office for Tourism Companies

Are you just starting out and don’t know how to position yourself in the market? Understand the importance of a press office for small tourism businesses. Global press office for hotels, services & agencies

The need for every tourism business to invest in online positioning actions is indisputable. This rule is even more important for those who are starting out and need to conquer space in the market. 

So, how to stand out among so many other companies that offer the same services as you do without having a lot to invest? This is where the press office for small tourism businesses comes in. 

But how can a press office help small tourism businesses? That is what we will explain in this post. 

Although digital marketing appears as the first option for those who want to position themselves prominently on the Internet to achieve more sales, the press office plays a key role in the consolidation of tourism businesses in the market, especially small tourism businesses.

In this sense, if you can combine press relations and digital marketing you will have even more chances of success for your tourism business.

Press Office for Tourism Companies

Press Office for Small Tourism Companies: Hotels, services and agencies

The press office for small tourism businesses follows the same principles as the one for large corporations.

The difference is that, in many cases, the work starts from zero exposure in the media to the consolidation of the company as a market reference.  

In summary, the press office creates a relationship between a business and the media

This relationship is achieved by disseminating information about the service provided by the tourism company that can be used by the media in news and interviews. 

The disclosure is made through press releases – informative texts – and the objective is to attract spontaneous media. That is, to place the tourism company as a source of reports and interviews, thus giving visibility to its name.

In addition to the releases, the press office works with the management of social networks, assists in the creation of relevant content, monitors interviews and acts in the management of crises related to the image of the tourism business. Learn about the main strategies of a press office:

Releases and Articles to Help Small Companies

The production of press releases and articles is an excellent tool for publicizing tourism companies in the media, as already mentioned. It is necessary, however, that the content be informative, relevant and attractive. In other words, the journalist has to understand that it is worth using it in a report or interview.


To be able to place content in the media, the press office maintains a close relationship with the tourism media. Besides, it monitors each one of these vehicles to know what was published in the media about the assisted company – the so-called clipping. It is important to measure the results of each action and to reformulate strategies.

Care With the Image

Another concern of the press office is to work on the image of tourism companies. For this reason, it monitors all the content disclosed about the tourism business, whether in the media or in social networks.

Social Network Monitoring

Social network monitoring is so important that it deserves special attention. It is essential for small tourism businesses to maintain a good relationship with customers on social networks to establish themselves in the market. For this, the press office manages the communication channels and monitors ratings and comments.

Crisis Management

One of the specialties of a press office is to know how to deal with criticism and negative evaluations. Nowadays, a comment on social networks can take on great proportions to the point of tarnishing the image of a company. For small tourism companies that are entering the market, the negative impacts can be even greater. Therefore, the role of the press office in crisis management is fundamental. It will solve the problems of the dissatisfied traveler and reverse the criticism with positive material about your tourism business. 

Press Trip

The press office works on strategies directed to tourism, such as the Press Trip. Basically, the Press Trip consists in inviting journalists to visit a hotel, inn or resort. The objective is to provide them with experiences that may become publicity through reports or recommendations.

Can Press Relations Help Small Tourism Companies?

Yes, very much so. The press office can help small tourism businesses to position themselves in the market as references and, thus, attract more business. This is of great value for those who are starting out and need to expand their operations.

By seeing the name of a small tourism company in an article, as a trustworthy source, tourists will have it as a reference when they travel and need the service it offers.

In this sense, the press office studies the media that your target audience follows to place your company in the largest number of publications. 

The more a small tourism company appears in the media, the more it will be known by travelers and, consequently, it will have more business possibilities.

Also, unlike marketing, where ad space is bought, press relations get spontaneous media by putting the tourism company in the media spotlight.

In other words, the press office can give visibility to small tourism businesses at a lower cost than digital marketing.

However, one does not invalidate the other. In fact, the ideal scenario is to be able to combine both communication strategies. In other words, working with press relations and digital marketing in a broader tourism marketing plan.

How to Hire a Professional Press Agent or Agency

Large tourism companies may have in-house marketing and press office departments. However, for small tourism businesses this is often impossible.

So, how to efficiently publicize your tourism business? The solution to this problem is to hire a professional press office. This way, you can count on specialized help to publicize your tourism company and achieve a good position in the market.

Even better is to count on the work of a tourism marketing agency that, in addition to digital marketing, offers a press office. This way, you will have at your disposal a solid and efficient communication plan.

It is worth, in this case, to look for a consolidated agency in the market, which can offer the best strategies and broad performance among the media.

This is the case with Travel Media PR. With global operations, the agency specializes in tourism marketing and offers the best media solutions to build loyalty among tourist destinations, hotels, services, and travel agencies.

In addition, it leads a series of projects aimed at leveraging tourism companies and making them stand out in the market. To this end, it manages social media, works with Inbound Marketing, conducts SEO campaigns, and brings other solutions to the sector.

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